Best TCL 10L cases Android Central 2021

The TCL 10L is its maker's affordable entry in the U.S. smartphone market. With an attractive large display, decent specs, and low pricing, the TCL 10L drives a solid deal. It may be cheap as chips, but you should still get a good case for it to prevent accidental damage. Easy to buy doesn't necessarily mean easy (or cheap) to repair. If you need a higher, more material purpose, get a case to transform the TCL 10L's boring design. Here are some of the best TCL 10L cases to fit various lifestyles and budgets!

Jeylly Marble Finish Heavy Duty Case Reco

Stylishly rugged: Jeylly Marble Finish Heavy Duty Case

Staff Pick

Give your TCL 10L a proper glow-up with this beautiful Jeylly Marble Finish Heavy Duty Case. Don't let the pretty marble pattern deceive you, though. This heavy-duty case offers rugged protection for your 10L.

$14 at Amazon
Dzxouui Soft Clear Tpu Cover Reco

Plain Jane: Dzxouui Soft Clear TPU Cover

This transparent TCL 10L cover is a great fit for you if bold designs aren't your thing. Although it's see-through for the most part, the borders have a nice hint of purple.

$9 at Amazon
Fadream Magnetic Rotating Bracket Case Reco

Ring-a-ding-ding!: FaDream Magnetic Rotating Bracket Case

Black never goes out of fashion, just like this TCL 10L case's matte black finish. Better yet, there's a rotating ring holder on the back, which helps you hold on to your phone.

$10 at Amazon
Nznd Glitter Rose Cover Reco

Sugar, spice and everything nice: NZND Glitter Rose Cover with Built-in Screen Protector

If unicorns, sprinkles, and all that sparkles tickles your fancy, get this NZND Glitter Rose Cover for your TCL 10L. It's pink and shiny, and it has a sturdy build with a built-in screen protector.

$12 at Amazon
Tudia Dualshield Slim Case Reco

The classy option: TUDIA DualShield Slim Hard Case

TUDIA makes some suave phone cases, and this TCL 10L DualShield Slim Hard Case is no exception. It's sleek and sexy with an elegant black and indigo color scheme — all matte, of course.

$15 at Amazon
Feitenn Magnetic Wallet Case Reco

It's almost a carryall: Feitenn Magnetic Wallet Case

With this Feitenn Magnetic Wallet Case in hand, you'll never forget to take anything with you again. No more panic attacks at the grocery store's checkout queue! You can store your credit cards and cash within the dedicated slots in this TCL 10L case.

$11 at Amazon
Nlxl Flowers Transparent Cover Reco

Pretty as a picture: Nlxl Flowers Transparent Cover

If you've got the dark blue TCL 10L color option, get this transparent case from Nlxl. The cherry blossoms depicted on the back against the dark blue hue look like flowers under the night sky.

$7 at Amazon
Tznzxm Leather Wallet Case Reco

For the dads: Tznzxm Leather Wallet Case

A leather wallet is always a great gift for fathers. This Tznzxm Leather Wallet Case for the TCL 10L has plenty of space and a magnetic flip cover on the front. Even the front cover has card slots, so it's a very functional cover that dads will love!

$13 at Amazon
Oujietong Tpu Soft Cover Reco

Eye of the tiger: Oujietong TPU Soft Cover

We've all got a spirit animal that we identify with. Have you got the soul of a tiger? Would you like to share it with the world? Or do you simply love these large feline creatures? If so, get this Oujietong TPU Soft Cover brandishing a tiger on the back for your TCL 10L.

$8 at Amazon

The right case can be a game-changer

Considering the mundane generic-ness of the TCL 10L, getting the right case or skin can be a game-changer when it comes to the phone's physical appearance. A phone case offers more protection and you should reinforce your TCL 10L's defenses with a decent screen protector. Our top TCL 10L case pick is the Jeylly Marble Finish Heavy Duty Case, as it offers a combination of durability and a gorgeous marble design.

If you're a lover of glitz and glam, we recommend the NZND Glitter Rose Cover with Built-in Screen Protector. It's an attention-grabbing thing that is sure to add some flare and LOTS of sparkle to your TCL 10L. Plus, if you get the glitter case, it comes with a built-in screen guard, taking down two birds with one stone!

Jazzy designs aren't for everyone, though. If you're seeking a more toned-down kind of makeover for your TCL 10L, we would say get the FaDream Magnetic Rotating Bracket Case. It has a nice matte black finish and there's a ring on the back, which you can use to hold on to your TCL 10L. If you're in a pinch, it can work as a kickstand too!

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