Best Phone Armbands for Galaxy S20 Android Central 2022

If you're getting excited about the new Samsung Galaxy S20, don't forget about the accessories. Whether you want a hands-free option for when you're working out or doing chores around the house, a phone armband is a perfect solution. There are already some great picks out there, so take a look and find the one that's right for you!

Jemache S20 Armband

Breathable security: JEMACHE Phone Armband

Staff Pick

If you want a breathable option that's made of stretchy material and will keep your Galaxy S20 safe, you'll be pleased with the JEMACHE phone armband. It comes with a reflective strip that ensures visibility in low light conditions. The transparent PVC window has high touch sensitivity so you can access the touchscreen without a problem. It has a built-in key pocket and rear pockets for keys, cash, and credit cards.

$10 at Amazon
Matone S20 Armband

Affordable accessibility: Matone 360° Rotatable Phone Armband

Want full access to your phone at all times at a fair price? if so, you might prefer this 360-degree rotatable armband from Matone. You can change music and answer calls without stopping your workout. It's designed with double velcro hooks that can fit arm sizes from 9-18 inches around. Remove the durable rubber strap and wash it with water as needed so you can keep things clean. You also have a convenient key pocket and earphone cord storage.

$8 at Amazon
Innens S20 Armband

Full protection: Innens Water Resistant Phone Armband

Not willing to take any chances with your Galaxy S20? You'll be better off with a phone armband that offers full protection like this one from Innens. The innovative dual pocket design offers additional capacity for your phone and other essentials. It also has a special earphone jack that allows you to enjoy music while using the armband. It's durable, water-resistant, and comfortable. It fits arm sizes from 8-16 inches.

$9 at Amazon
Agoz S20 Armband

Ultra-thin stability: Agoz Phone Armband

You'll never feel weighed down with this option from AgozTech. The ultra-thin design comes in four colors and is made of waterproof neoprene. It has a reflective strip that keeps you visible when it's dark outside. You'll have easy access to the headphone jack and controls. There's a slot for your ID, credit cards, and keys. Keep in mind that this armband is not designed for phones inside of a case, so you'll need to remove it before using it.

$9 at Amazon
Venoro S20 Armband

Comfortable versatility: Venoro Phone Armband

Another easy-access option to consider is this Venoro phone armband, which keeps your Galaxy S20 secure in comfortable Lycra material. You can choose whether you want to wear it on your wrist or arm. You'll enjoy 360-degree rotation that allows you to use your phone at whatever angle you'd like. Your purchase comes with a mount that you can attach to your bike while riding. It also has a pocket for your key and an earphone storage slot.

$17 at Amazon
Bumove S20 Armband

Superior flexibility: BUMOVE Phone Arm Band

This phone armband from BUMOVE is made of neoprene and a PVC screen protector that will protect your Galaxy S20 from sweat, dirt, and scratches. It can twist and bend without losing its original shape. This adjustable phone armband fits arm sizes from 7.9-15.7 inches. It has a built-in holder for important items, like your ID, cash, credit cards, and keys. The cable storage will prevent your cord from tangling while you're in motion.

$10 at Amazon
Venoro S20 Armbag

Bag it and go: Venoro Arm Bag Phone Armband

For those who want to slide their Galaxy S20 into a protective bag and hit the road, this Venoro armband will get the job done. The elastic strap allows for easy size adjustments. The clever design has tons of ventilation holes that promote breathability with comfy mesh on the side that's in contact with your arm. The high-quality material is resistant to both sweat and water, so you can feel confident your phone will remain dry as you exercise.

$19 at Amazon
Tribe R100x Cyclone

Hassle-free functionality: Tribe R100X Cyclone Phone Armband

Want a phone armband that lets you easily attach and detach your S20 throughout the day? This option from Tribe Fitness was made for you. It's crafted with premium silicone that offers 360 degrees of rotation so you have hassle-free access to your phone. This armband can even accommodate your phone while it's in its protective case. There's a cord holder to keep everything organized as well as a handy key pocket so you can bring your essentials along.

$17 at Amazon

Guard your Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 might be a brand new phone, but there are already plenty of quality options when it comes to accessories. Take the JEMACHE Phone Armband, for example. This is a great solution if you're seeking an armband that will keep your phone secure on your arm while protecting the screen. Don't worry, you'll still be able to access your touchscreen and it even has built-in storage for keys, cash, and credit cards.

Maybe you'd rather have an affordable armband that gives you full access to your phone without any pesky film in the way. The Matone 360° Rotatable Phone Armband is designed to give you easy accessibility while still keeping your phone secure. The strap is washable so you can remove it and clean it regularly. You'll also enjoy convenient storage for your keys as well as earphone cord storage that keeps things tangle-free. This phone armband is fully rotatable, so you can use and view your phone at any angle.

Don't want any parts of your precious Galaxy S20 exposed? We don't blame you. For that, there's the Innens Water Resistant Phone Armband, which offers full protection. It boasts a dual pocket design so that you'll have ample space for all of your miscellaneous items. This water-resistant phone armband also has an earphone jack so you can jam out while you work out. Regardless of what type of protection you're seeking, you'll be able to find a phone armband to guard your Galaxy S20.

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