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Keeping an eye on your pets is one of the chores (and joys) of being a pet owner. It can be tough to do when you're away from home, though, which is one of the many reasons we chose the KAMTRON Pet Camera as one of our favorite pet gadgets. With two-way audio, night vision, and 1080p video, you can check in on your animals any time of day or night. There are other gadgets out there, too, to help with the challenges of owning a pet and these are some of our favorites.

Eyes on the prize: KAMTRON Pet Camera

Staff Favorite

Built-in motion detection alerts you by app when pets are on the move so you can tune into the live view. Two-way audio and night vision lets you keep eyes and ears on your pets 24/7.

$54 at Amazon

Deshedding magic: FURminator

Eliminate matted fur and stray pet hair without scissors or stressing out your dog. The FURminator does away with loose fur without damaging skin or hair.

$24 at Amazon

Cat activity center: SnugglyCat Ripple Rug

Keep the cats entertained and off the furniture with this ingenious large play rug. It's perfect for scratching, grooming, sleeping, and playing.

$40 at Amazon

Meals on auto timer: PetSafe Automatic Feeder

Program up to 12 meals for your cat or dog with this automatic battery-powered feeder. Portion sizes can be adjusted as needed, and food always stays fresh in the airtight container.

$135 at Amazon

Mani and pedi time: Monochef Pet Nail Clippers

Save cash and time by trimming your pet's nails yourself. Perfect for all small animals, these paw nail trimmers have sharp, safe stainless steel blades and an ergonomic handle.

$10 at Amazon

DIY laser fun: Friends Forever Laser Toy

What could be more convenient than an automatic laser pointer? This battery-operated laser randomly moves across floors and walls and has an auto shut-off.

$25 at Amazon

A pet bubbler: PetSafe Drinking Fountain

Provide clean water day and night with this pet water fountain. Ideal for cats and small to medium sized dogs, this unit comes with a water filter and holds 1.3 gallons of H2O.

$48 at Amazon

Go the distance: Pet Gear Pet Stroller

Take long walks over smooth or rough terrain with your small dog or cat. Suitable for pets up to 45 pounds, this stroller comes with a washable liner, tether, and storage basket.

$116 at Amazon

Tunnel of fun: Prosper Pet Tunnel

Crinkly material, peepholes, and a bell toy make this tunnel an excellent choice for active cats, rabbits, and even small dogs. When not in use, this folds down for easy storage.

$15 at Amazon

Find the mess fast: Vansky UV Black Light Flashlight

Accidents happen. Find wet and dry stains quickly with a handheld black light flashlight. With 51 UV LEDs, this light can sniff out big and small accidents in any area of your house.

$13 at Amazon

Secret litter box: Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

It may look like a clay pot planter, but it's a large capacity litter box. A filtered venting system controls odors and this tucks nicely in any corner or room.

$57 at Amazon

Feeding schedule: Did You Feed the Dog

Get a handle on feeding times with the Did You Feed the Dog panel. Slide the magnets from left to right to indicate that the dog has been fed to keep his weight and appetite in check. Smart!

$10 at Amazon

Only the best for your pet

Helpful pet gadgets abound and make it easier than ever to challenge your dog, play with your cat, and find messes you didn't even know existed. When you want to check in with your animal friend while at work or on-the-go, my favorite gadget, the KAMTRON Pet Camera is the tool for you. The combination of night vision, two-way audio, and motion detecting sensors turn this simple camera into a powerful tool that provides company to your pet and peace of mind to you.

And you can keep your dog and home looking good with the FURminator. Available in a variety of styles to suit your dog (or cat's) coat and body size, this brilliant brush gently combs away loose hair on pets before the fur has a chance to settle on your floor.

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