Best OnePlus 8 Cases Android Central 2021

The best OnePlus 8 cases keep your phone protected without covering up the beautiful design and delicate glass body. There are some great cases available for the OnePlus 8 — including some of my favorite case series on the market — so skip the basic in-box case and get you one of these!

Clearly durable: Ringke Fusion X

Staff pick

If you want to show off that Glacial Green or Interstellar Glow without leaving your phone exposed, the Fusion X combines a clear back with a robust bumper with air-cushioned corners. This is a divisive design, but I like it, especially that Green variant.

$12 at Amazon

Colorful grip: OnePlus 8 Sandstone Bumper Case

Sandstone is the original OnePlus case and still the favorite of many, but this year they've branched out into a bright, bold Cyan to match the Glacial Green 8 and a softer, prettier purple that should mesh with the Interstellar Glow.

$25 at OnePlus

Hybrid protection: Tudia Merge Series

There aren't many heavy-duty cases out for the OnePlus 8 yet, but you shouldn't need to look further than the Merge Series, which is what my family has used to protect their phones for years without fail. There's even four colors to choose from.

$11 at Amazon

Textured grip: GESMA OnePlus 8 Case

Available in classic black, elegant blue, and a sage green, this thin yet protective TPU case is just the thing your OnePlus 8 needs. It sports a light textured pattern on the back which makes it easy to grip and keep ahold of your device.

$9 at Amazon

Almost invisible: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

If you want to show off the color of your OnePlus 8 but aren't a fan of the Ringke's more militaristic look, Spigen makes a own clear case for the OnePlus 8. It's affordable, fits like a glove, and is well made like Spigen's other great cases.

$12 at Amazon

Bumpity bump bump: OnePlus 8 Nylon Bumper Case

This case combines the classic TPU bumper with a nylon fabric back, adding a little grip without being quite as noticeable as the Sandstone. The Nylon might not come in a plethora of colors, but it does have a more sophisticated look and feel.

$35 at OnePlus

For the long haul: Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

This heavy-duty case has a built-in screen protector and kickstand, making it your one-stop-shop for all your OnePlus 8 protection needs. There's usually a few color variants that come out later on, but black goes with everything.

$20 at Amazon

Scratch guard: Kqimi Ultra Thin

Need to add some grip and more color to your OnePlus 8 without adding any bulk? This very slim case comes in three very bold colors — and also black — and it should guard your new phone from scuffs, scratches and slips.

$11 at Amazon

Name-brand protection: Caseology Vault

Caseology might not bring its full lineup of cases to the OnePlus 8, but I'm glad it was the Vault. The texture across the back is subtle but grippy and the accenting around the camera offers nice contrast.

$12 at Amazon

Which best OnePlus 8 case should you choose?

Out of the above selection, our favorite has to be the Ringke Fusion X for its mix of aggressive styling and protective transparent TPU.

The GESMA is a case addes grip and drop protection without covering up the absolutely gorgeous colors available for the OnePlus 8. It goes great with the black phone, but contrasts nicely with the colored variants as well.

If you prefer to really show off the OnePlus 8's fantastic colors, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case is the way to go. It offers all of the protection you'll need, while still allowing you to see the gorgeous colors of the new OnePlus 8.

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