Best OnePlus 8 Cases Android Central 2020

Before your OnePlus 8 shows up in all its colorful glory, you need to get yourself a case. Yes, I know the OnePlus 8 comes with a case in the box, but that's a very basic case that's only really meant to keep your phone safe until you find a good case with proper protection. There's some great cases available for the OnePlus 8 — includng some of my favorite case series on the market — so skip the basic in-box case and get you one of these!

Clearly durable: Ringke Fusion X

Staff pick

If you want to show off that Glacial Green or Interstellar Glow without leaving your phone exposed, the Fusion X combines a clear back with a robust bumper with air cushioned corners. This is a divisive design, but I like it, especially that Green variant.

Cool colors: OnePlus 8 Sandstone Bumper Case

OnePlus's Sandstone Bumper Case is one of its first case styles, and still its most popular. This year, they've done away with Red and instead are offering a bright, bold Cyan and a softer, cozier Purple to better complement this year's phone colors.

$25 at OnePlus

Hybrid protection: Tudia Merge Series

There aren't many heavy-duty cases out for the OnePlus 8 yet, but you shouldn't need to look further than the Merge Series, which is what my family has used to protect their phones for years without fail. There's even four colors to choose from.

$11 at Amazon

Fun fabric: OnePlus 8 Nylon Bumper Case

The Nylon case won't be quite as grippy as the Sandstone, but it also won't scream "I'M HERE, LOOK AT MEEEEE" the way Sandstone's colors will. A TPU bumper protects the edges while the woven Nylon back adds grip and style.

$35 at OnePlus

Scratch guard: Kqimi Ultra Thin

Need to add some grip and more color to your OnePlus 8 without adding any bulk? This very slim case comes in three very bold colors — and also black — and it should guard your new phone from scuffs, scratches and slips.

$10 at Amazon

Almost invisible: OnePlus 8 Clear Bumper Case

If you want to show off the color of your OnePlus 8 but aren't a fan of the Ringke's more militaristic look, OnePlus makes its own clear case for the OnePlus 8. It's more expensive, but being a first-party case, we know it'll fit like a glove.

$25 at OnePlus

Name brand protection

Unlike the OnePlus 8 Pro, we actually saw launch day availability for name brand cases for the OnePlus 8, which is great news because the shorter turnaround between new OnePlus phones usually means that we have a smaller selection for them, especially among bigger casemakers, but both UAG and Ringke are selling cases for the regular OnePlus 8, which I'm thrilled to see.

The Ringke Fusion X is a phone I've used and loved on several phones over the last few years, adding grip and drop protection without covering up the absolutely gorgeous colors available for the OnePlus 8. The Turquoise Green looks absolutely lovely, and nothing could match the Glacial Green better.

If you prefer a bit more color with your grip, the OnePlus Sandstone Bumper Case has two fun colors with the OnePlus 8: Cyan, which reminds me so much of my old turquoise Moto X I could cray, and Smoky Purple, which is an absolutely lovely shade that could either complement the Interstellar Glow's rainbow effect or give your Glacial Green OnePlus 8 more of a Little Mermaid vibe.

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