Best Galaxy Note 10 Accessories in 2022

Using the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 10
Using the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 10 (Image credit: Android Central)

The Galaxy Note 10 already comes with a pretty awesome accessory, the S Pen. But it won't keep your phone safe, help keep your battery charged, or enhance your enjoyment of music and other media. For that, you'll want to peruse our list of the best accessories to pair with your brand new Note 10.

The right accessories for how you use your phone

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There's no getting around the fact that the Galaxy Note 10 is an expensive investment. It's a worthwhile investment if you value the features it brings to the table. But it's a device that you'll want to protect and accessorize in a way that suits how you use a phone.

Some folks are just fine going without a case. But if you know you're prone to drop your phone, we'd recommend getting the Spigen NeoHybrid to keep it safe from harm. The Spigen design does that without adding too much extra bulk to an already large phone. For those who value the look and appearance of your device, the Spigen Liquid Crystal will serve you just as well while preserving your view.

Lastly, we'd also recommend checking out the Samsung Galaxy Buds if you're looking for a great pair of wireless earbuds. Not only do they team up perfectly with Samsung's own phones for pairing and charging, but they also perform quite well with six hours of battery life, active noise canceling, and affordable pricing.

Marc Lagace

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