Best gadgets for dog owners

Technology has made life easier for everyone in plenty of small ways, but you may not have considered how it could help you in taking care of your pet. From remotely feeding your dog when you have an early meeting at work, to keeping an eye on them with cameras, to tracking their whereabouts with GPS, there are plenty of awesome gadgets that can make life easier on you and Buddy both. That's why we've put together this list of the 5 best gadgets for Dog owners.


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Furbo smart camera

While many pet owners wish they could bring their dogs with them everywhere, that isn't always quite feasible. Furbo gives you access to being able to see your dog, talk to it, listen to it, and even toss it treats, all by using an app on your phone. This means that whether you need to check on your dog from work, or when you're stuck in traffic, you'll always know what the rascal is up to.

Furbo is a smart camera with plenty of features that hooks into your home wifi. Once it's connected, all you need to do is download the app onto your phone and you'll be good to go. While it does have a slightly hefty price tag, making sure your dog stays out of trouble when you're at work is probably worth it.

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Whistle dog GPS tracker

While pet owners might trust their dogs not to run amok, sometimes accidents happen. Your retriever slips her leash because a squirrel takes off, or your husky hops the fence to take himself for a walk. While a microchip can ensure you find your pet if it's picked up, the Whistle GPS collar attachment adds a layer of security.

You can program alerts to let you know any time your dog escapes your designated home zone, check on your dog's activity level, and it's made waterproof and durable to take anything your dog puts it through. The Whistle device attaches to your dog's collar, and uses GPS monitoring to make sure you can always find your pooch when they get away from you.

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Nest Camera

Nest Camera

Some dogs don't do well by themselves, or are prone to causing trouble when nobody is at home. If your puppy needs a eye on them while you're at work, then the Nest camera may be your best bet. Using the Nest camera you can make sure that you know if your dog manages to escape their crate, or if they're trying to break into your office.

With 24/7 streaming and recording, you can see everything as it happens, or look over what you've missed. This means you'll never wonder how the dog escaped their confines to tear apart the living room again. With multiple cameras you can even make sure that you have eyes on the entire house, even if you're across the country.

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PetNet smart feeder

Sometimes our schedules don't quite match up with when you need to be home to feed your dog. Rather than coming home to trash all over the floor, you can employ the Petnet SmartFeeder. This feeder will let you feed your dog even if you get stuck in gridlock traffic, or need to stay at work late to finish up some paperwork.

Using the app on your phone you can precisely measure out meal portions, automate feeding times, and even check on how nutritious your brand of dog food is. You can even cater to how much you feed your dog by inputting their age and activity level. This means that even if you aren't home you can ensure that Fido never goes hungry.

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FitBark dog activity tracker

Not all dogs need a lot of activity, but those that do can be destructive in the house if they get bored. That's just one of the reasons that keeping an eye on the activity level of your dog can be beneficial. With FitBark, you can easily keep an eye on your dog's activity. This means knowing if your dog is a bit more lethargic than usual, or if Duke has been running laps through the house for the last three hours.

If you like to go for run's with your dog, then you can connect FitBark to your Google Fit account to keep an eye on all of your dog's information. Using the app, you can get stats on each dog that has a FitBark attachment, and get insights on your dog's activity. This means setting goals for your dog's health so that your best friend is always in the best shape possible.

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That'll get your pooch's tail wagging!

These are just a few of the fantastic gadgets available out there for dog owners. Did we cover one of your favorites, or is there a gadget great for dog owners that we missed this time? Be sure to pop into our comment section and let us know about it!

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