Best Family Charging Stations for Android in 2022

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When everyone in your home has their own devices whether it be smartphones, fitness trackers, tablets, or Chromebooks it can get messy trying to keep all of those charging cords tucked away. One easy solution is to get a charging station like the SIIG Smart Charging Station. That way everyone's devices can charge at the same time without taking up a ton of space. No need to worry about excessive cables or places to plug in. We spent several hours comparing charging stations to determine which are the best of the best. Here are the top options for a variety of situations.

Best Overall: SIIG Smart Charging Station

SIIG Smart Charging Station

Charge all of the devices

10 ports
1 USB-C PD port
9 USB-A ports
Wireless charging pad
LED indicators
Only one color
Only one USB-C Port

This charging station is one of the few that actually comes with both a Qi wireless charging pad and a USB-C port. It works on a variety of devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Since there are 10 charging ports - 9 USB-A ports and one USB-C PD port - you're more likely to be able to charge everyone's devices at the same time.

This unit has LED indicators to let you know if a device has finished charging. That way you don't have to keep checking your devices to see if they're done. Something I really like is that the wireless charging pad can be turned on and off so more power can go to the ports when it's not in use. There are eight slots for holding your devices as well as a spot on the wireless charging pad.

This charging station only comes in one color, but it has a pleasant design that should look good in any home. It would have been nicer if there was more than one dedicated USB-C port. However, given that it's hard enough finding a charging station that even has a USB-C port, to begin with, it's still a great choice.

Best Value: TimsTool Charging Station

TimsTool Charging Station

Charge several different devices

6 charging slots
LED battery indicators
Smart Fast Charging
Works with Android and iOS
Sleek design
Only one color
No wireless charging
Cannot specify which cords you get

If you're looking for something that offers a decent number of charging slots while not costing too much, you should consider the TimsTool Charging Station. This sleek-looking unit has slots for up to six devices and employs LEDs to let you know when a device has reached a full charge. It even has a USB-C charging port, which is hard to find.

You'll be able to charge both Android and iOS devices using smart, fast charging. This unit does not have a wireless charging pad. So if that's a big deal for you, this might not be a good pick. Unfortunately, it only comes in one color so you won't be able to choose between several options.

It comes with seven cables: three micro-USB, 1 USB-C, and three lightning cables. Having all of these cables is helpful if you have a range of devices, but it's a little upsetting if you only need some of them. Unfortunately, you cannot specify which cables you receive.

Best for a Family of Two: Yootech Dual Fast Wireless Charger

Yootech Dual Fast Wireless Charger

Two smartphones can charge at once

Compact and simple
Wireless charging
Works with Android and iOS
Detachable AC/DC adapter
Only one color
Cannot charge tablets or computers

This wireless charging pad allows you to charge two smartphones at the same time. It's perfect for small families. The small design won't take up a lot of space on a counter or desk, so you won't have to worry about running out of room. This also helps make your desk look cleaner by minimizing the number of cables used.

Use it to charge both Android and iOS smartphones. If you're looking for something that can charge tablets or computers, this isn't the best choice for you. If you want to take this charger with you on a trip, the AC/DC adapter is detachable for easy travel. I like the look of this charging station overall, but it would have been nice if there was more than one color to choose from.

Best for Large Families: Unitek USB-C 10-Port Charging Station

Unitek USB-C 10-Port Charging Station

A station with 10 ports

2 USB-C ports
Compatible with Android and iOS
Adjustable dividers
Only one color option
Doesn't come with USB cables

Whether you always have a busy household or you're expecting family over for the holidays, this 10-port charger will easily help everyone charge their devices in one organized location. It's compatible with both Android and iOS. What's more, it features adjustable dividers so you can easily make the room you need to charge anything from a smartphone to a Chromebook.

It also features two USB-C ports, which is awesome considering it's hard enough to find a charging station with one USB-C port. That way you'll be able to charge your devices more conveniently. This particular model is only available in white, so you won't be able to choose any other colors. When your electronics finish charging the LED indicator lets you know. Just note that you'll need to supply your own USB cables since this one doesn't come with any.

Best Design: NexGadget Bamboo Charging Station

NexGadget Bamboo Charging Station

A gorgeous station for any home

Made of bamboo
Beautiful look
Five cable holes
Comes with five USB cables
Charger not included
Doesn't come with cables

For those who want a more stylish looking charging station, you can't go wrong with this one by NexGadget. It's made of bamboo and has a far more pleasant look to it than many others on the market. In addition to the five device slots, there are also dedicated sections for a smartwatch and one pair of wireless earbuds.

While this is a charging station, it's technically more of an organizer since it doesn't come with its own charger. You'll need to purchase a charger separately. The types of devices you can charge will depend on the charger you choose. It also doesn't come with any cables, so you'll need to supply your own. There are five holes on the backside of the device where you can easily thread cables through for a clean look.

Best for Travel: Xcentz USB Charger Cube

Xcentz USB Charger Cube

Compact cube for several devices

Detachable power cord
5 ports
1 USB-C port
Quick Charge 3 port
3 color options
Doesn't hide cables as well as others
No wireless charging

This small charging station is perfect for travel. It even has a detachable power cord, which makes it super easy to pack in luggage or a backpack. The design of this device makes it especially easy for multiple people to charge their devices while still using them. You'd simply need to place it in the middle of a table.

You'll be able to charge both Android and iOS devices using this cube. There are five ports total including one USB-C port, one Quick Charge 3 port, and three standard USB ports. Obviously, this unit doesn't have a wireless charging pad. If that's something you really want, you'll need to look elsewhere. You can choose from three different colors to get the look you like best. The tradeoff with this option is that it isn't as good at hiding cables from view as some other stations.

Best for Desks: EasyAcc Double-Deck Charging Station

EasyAcc Double-Deck Charging Station

Organize devices and hide cables

Organization for office supplies
Hides cables
2 color options
Charger not included
Doesn't come with cables

This charging station technically doesn't come with any charging ports. You'll need to purchase a charger, like the RAVPower 6-Port, in addition to this organizer. Additionally, it doesn't come with any cables so you'll need to supply your own.

However, this station is the perfect choice for the home computer desk or even your work office space. For one thing, it provides space for stationery items like paper, pens, and scissors. Another thing is that it is designed to hide away cables and thus keep your desk looking clean.

It's sturdy enough to hold Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, and phones all at the same time. Just keep in mind that whether or not you'll be able to charge all of these devices will depend on the charger you buy. It comes in black or brown so you can choose the look that fits your desk best.

Everyone to your stations

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There are so many different charging stations on the market that it can be daunting knowing which ones to pick. We've taken the time to compare them against each other to determine the best of the best. You'll want to consider the needs of your family, how many devices you want to charge at a time, and if you want any special charging ports like a Quick Charge port or USB-C ports.

More than any other charging station, we recommend the SIIG Smart 10-Port. In addition to the nine standard USB ports, it features a USB-C port and a wireless charging pad - two options that are hard to come by. What's more, you'll be able to charge a wide range of devices, both Android and iOS. With all these features and capabilities, it's the best charging station out there.



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