Best LG V30 Cases in 2022

LG V30 speed test
LG V30 speed test (Image credit: Android Central)

The LG V30 is still a pretty enticing phone, and whether you just recently bought it or have been rocking it since it first came out, there's one thing we can all agree on — it's a phone that needs a case. The glass back may look great, but it's also a slippery mess that's just asking to be shattered at any given moment. Need some recommendations on what case you should buy? Here are our favorites.

If we had to choose the best LG V30 case

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There are a lot of great cases for the LG V30, but if it was my money, one of the first ones I'd pick up is the Egalo Clear TPU Case. You just can't beat a nice slim and clear case that shows off the product you bought in the first place. So many cases cover up the phone's design, and I won't stand for it! A clear case is simple and does its job, with no fuss.

Another case I really like is the Anccer Colorful Series. As someone who can't stand big, bulky cases, having something this thin is kind of a dream come true. It may not be the most durable option out there, but for people that just need a little bit of coverage without compromising the V30's slim form factor, it's a great choice.

Lastly, if you're looking for a case that's more rugged and durable than the average bear, I'd recommend picking up the UAG Plasma or I-Blason Magma Series. While you're at it, you might want to think about picking up other accessories for your phone, like some of the best wireless charging pads for the LG V30.

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