Kep your Note 8 protected from day one on with a quality case.

The Galaxy Note 8 is shaping up to be a contender for phone of the year. While we wait for the phones to start shipping, now's the perfect time to start the search for the best cases to keep your new phone protected.

The launch of such a major device as the Note 8 means accessory manufacturers are ready to roll on day one. As such, you have your pick of the litter from a great selection of cases from the best brands out there.

We've broken things down by the manufacturer and offered direct links to some of our favorite styles. But ultimately the choice is yours, and there's a ton of cases to choose from already.

Samsung cases

Samsung S-View Flip Cover Note 8

If you're at all concerned about not getting the right fit or build quality from a third party accessory maker, maybe you're best off sticking with cases designed in-house by Samsung.

Samsung offers a similar range of unique case options for the Note 8 that we've seen from previous phone releases. You can order your case straight from Samsung alongside your pre-order if you're buying your phone outright from the source. Here's a breakdown of what they're offering:

  • S-View Flip Cover — This case keeps your screen protected with a transparent cover that lets you see the time and incoming notifications with a press of the power button. It also folds into a kickstand for hands-free media viewing. Available for $60.
  • LED Wallet Cover — Another brilliantly-designed case that blends screen protection with functionality, the LED Wallet cover displays the time and notifications when the screen is covered with a press of the power button. It also features an interior pocket for storing your cash or cards. Get yours for $60.
  • Protective Cover — Samsung has you minimalists covered with this ultra thin, transparent case that really lets the Note 8's design come through. It's also the cheapest case offered by Samsung at only $20.
  • Alcantara Cover — Samsung's own Alcantara-covered case is beautiful, durable and unique. The suede-like material is becoming more common — it adorns Microsoft's Surface Laptop, for one — but it feels brand new. At $50, it's not cheap, but since it ages beautifully, it's worth every penny.

Check out Samsung's website to learn more about the cases they offer, as well as the other accessories available for the Note 8.

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OtterBox cases

OtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Note 8 might be the most expensive flagship phones released in 2017, so you're going to want to keep it protected. When it comes to the best cases, many people instantly think of OtterBox. It has built a solid reputation of making great cases backed by outstanding customer service.

If you've been a fan of OtterBox cases in the past you'll be happy to hear there are three options from OtterBox for the Note 8: the rugged Defender Series, the slimmer Commuter Series, and the sleek and stylish one-piece Symmetry Series. All of OtterBox's cases appear to be exclusively offered via their website for the time being and, as you would expect from a premium manufacturer, they're a bit pricey starting at $50 and up.

However, you really get what you pay for from OtterBox, which includes the aforementioned customer service that's there to help if any issues pop up.

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Speck cases

Speck cases for the Galaxy Note 8

Speck offers a full line of cases for the Note 8, with options for those who want to add a bit of glitz and glamor to their phone.

Cases like the Speck Presido Grip and Presido Clear are available for order on Amazon, alongside the sparkly Presidio Clear Glitter cases which are available in pink and gold. They're a bit pricy, starting at $34 and selling for as much as $50, but if you appreciate cases that are fairly minimalist and well designed you should definitely get a Speck case.

You can see the full line at Speck's website.

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Ringke cases

Ringke Coastal Blue Wave case for Galaxy Note 8

Ringke is known for making more flashy cases with interesting designs and patterns to help make your phone stand out from the rest of the pack. Choose from eight different styles that all feature their own unique design elements and features.

While other brands have yet to start selling cases on Amazon, Ringke is ready to ship and even offers Amazon Prime shipping so you eager beavers can get those accessories well ahead of receiving your phone.

Personally, I really dig the Wave case in Coastal Blue, pictured on the right, which you can get for just $8 on Amazon. You may also enjoy the Ringke Fusion clear case which is typically one of the best clear cases you can buy for a phone if you want to keep your phone protected without impeding the look and design of your new phone.

Check out what Ringke has to offer on its website, then check out Amazon where you're likely to save a few bucks off the regular price.

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Spigen cases

Spigen Rugged Armor case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Spigen always crushes it when it comes to delivering a wide range of case options for the biggest phones of the year. As you would expect, they're ready to roll for the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 with a collection of 19 different cases to choose from.

You can preview the full lineup of available cases on Spigen's website linked below, or if you're ready to buy you can check out some of our favorite case styles on Amazon:

  • Rugged Armor — For those who don't want to sacrifice pocket space for protection, this sleek one-piece case is rugged and sleek with carbon fiber accents that look real nice on taller devices like the Note 8.
  • Ultra Hybrid clear case — Looking for a clear case? Spigen has eight different styles of clear or transparent cases to let the Note 8's design shine through. The Ultra Hybrid is the sleekest and clearest of the bunch.
  • Wallet S — I had the pleasure of briefly using the Wallet S case for the Note 7, and for a phone that can already do so much, it just feels right to enhance the experience a case that not only protects, but lets you keep your ID, credit cards, cash, and phone all in one place.

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Incipio Cases

Incipio has a growing number of cases for the Note 8, but it appears to be running low on stock of its first-run cases on Amazon already. If you want yours the same day your phone arrives, you'll need to order sooner than later.

Consider the always-reliable Incipio DualPro — sleek, rugged, and $59 on Amazon! Yikes! Fortunately, Incipio has many other options that are more reasonably priced. Of particular note, the Incipio Carnaby Esquire Series case ($35) which keeps your phone protected and stylish with a unique cotton-based outer layer, or the Incipio Reprieve Sport case ($40)that's designed to be rugged in the corners where it matters most, but mostly transparent so your phone's design is left mostly unobstructed from view. Looking for a glittery finish? Check out the Incipio Midnight Chrome case ($22) that looks like the result of crossbreeding a smartphone case with a discoball.

You can check out the whole lineup on Incipio's website, which surprisingly is showing lower prices than those posted on Amazon.

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Which cases are you going to buy?

There's going to be a ton of accessories released for the Galaxy Note 8, but we want to know which are your favorites. Let us know in the comments!

Updated September 2017: Added new cases from Incipio to our list!