Best Bluetooth keyboards for Amazon Fire Max 11 in 2024

Amazon just refreshed its lineup of affordable Fire tablets once again, bringing us an updated 11-inch device this time. The Fire Max 11 is pretty big, which makes it less portable. But that large size also has its advantages. You can get a low more work done on a bigger screen, especially since the Amazon Fire Max 11 boasts a more powerful processor.

Getting work done on a Fire tablet isn't as easy as a regular laptop or Chromebook. You can add a Bluetooth keyboard to your setup to close the gap. There are plenty of excellent little keyboards out there, but these are the best ones for your Amazon Fire Max 11.

Get some work done on your Fire tab with these keyboards

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Picking the best keyboard for your Amazon Fire Max 11

Since the Amazon Fire Max 11 uses Fire OS based on Android, it's pretty simple to connect and use any Android keyboard with it. You can even pair a mouse to the Fire tablet if you want. There are plenty of Bluetooth keyboards that work well with this Google Pixel Tablet adversary, but the first-party Amazon Fire Max 11 Keyboard Case obvious choice.

Like any excellent Fire Max 11 case, the Keyboard Case is versatile and protective. It has a magnetic detachable keyboard that works seamlessly with the Amazon Fire tablet and you can store it with the tab. The only downside to this accessory is that it costs a pretty penny. When buying such a cheap Android tablet, no one wants to spend anywhere near $100 on a simple add-on.

If you want something ultra-portable that also adds a trackpad, try the iClever BK08 Foldable Keyboard for size. This external Bluetooth keyboard literally folds into three pieces and can slip into your pocket. It's a little pricy, but the high-quality build and compact size make it well worth it.

After you've selected a nice keyboard and case for your Fire tablet, there's one last thing to take care of. Make sure you pick a decent screen protector for your Fire Max 11.

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