Galaxy S

Good news for Vodafone customers rocking the Samsung Galaxy S: Your Gingerbread update is finally being pushed out.

Gone are the woes of last month, when your update was 'temporarily suspended' and now you're on to new, greener, Gingerbreadier pastures. Rest assured, this Gingerbread update has passed all the appropriate checks, so fire up KIES and get upgraded.

For those who are just now updating, how's it working for you? Was the wait worth it? As always, we're curious, so let us know.

Source: Eurodroid

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Jeremy626 says:

South Korea just got the update 2 days ago... friend updated, it seems fine & smooth..

DerekMorr says:

Is it 2.3.4 ?

Jeremy626 says:


DerekMorr says:

Seriously?! Fail.

moises1204 says:

go Samsung, they just keep on proving people wrong when it comes to updates, but some of the stupid ones do not understand that is the carrier that have the final say on updates, thank you Samsung.

JDubbs115 says:

If this ever hits the Verizon Fascinate, it'll be a Christmas miracle.

Meaning it'll probably be Christmas by the time Gingerbread comes to the Fascinate. At least the Froyo works well