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Thunderbolt/Inspire accessories

Hmmmmmm. Looks like Best Buy is getting its accessories ready for the HTC ThunderBolt and Inspire 4G. The latter will be on sale in a week, that much is official. As for the T-Bolt? That's still up in the air. We can't glean too much from this, except that you have to have cases ready by launch time. So it's coming -- we just don't know for sure when it's coming. Thanks, J!

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Michael2980 says:

aaahhhhhh This anticipation is killing me

tim6253 says:

And it was once said they weren't getting those until 2/19 ha.
Got my ThunderBolt preordered today, officially starting tomorrow. They will have them in store tomorrow, releasing 2/14 for $249.

jmc2543 says:

What phone is that in the left of the pics behind the box?

narcosleeper says:

How'd you pre order today

Comineeyeaha says:

I called my local Best Buy and they're saying that the phone is in the system for preordering right now. No price listed yet, and the only date on it stated that they will stop taking preorders on 2/16, so it will probably be after that. I just got to work, but I guess I'll be using my lunch break to order a phone.

droidgurl11 says:

Why, do ppl keep claiming to have pre-ordered already. I can't help but think its a lie. There would be multiple post once they hit best buy

tim6253 says:

The preorder officially starts tomorrow. It's in their system today. They aren't supposed to do it today, but they did. Some will, most won't.

ytcracka says:

I just pre-ordered the Inspire for the wife at the shack. Finally got her to make the jump from the old iPhone.