T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2

When we last saw the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2, it was a late night at CTIA MobileCON in San Diego, and the release date was "this fall". We've seen plenty of hints and rumors about just when it would pop up, and it looks like that time is now.

It's a beastly device. a 5.5-inch 720p display covers a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 2GB of RAM, and a pretty darn good 8MP camera. Combined with the S-Pen and Wacom screen digitizer, the Note 2 is what many folks feel will be the ultimate mobile device. Part phone, part tablet, part artist tool, it's a great mix of features and function wrapped up in a sexy package.

Starting today you can get your hands on one here in the U.S. It comes at a cost, of course, and if you're not familiar with T-Mobile's pricing it can be a bit confusing. The Note 2 will cost $369.99 on a two-year contract, or if you prefer, the full retail will be $649.99.

Check out our hands on and review of the International Galaxy Note 2, and head into the forums to talk this one over!

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 now available


value plan also requires $20/month for 20 months. That way you pay retail. However, cheaper plans make it a much better deal in the long run.

I'm impressed that it's only $650 outright. I wonder if that price will be universal on all carriers? Or is that just the off contract price for T-Mobile? I agree that at $370 on a 2 year contract, you may as well just save up a little more and buy outright. It seems like it would be cheaper in the long run to just pay the $650 now and do something like their $30 sim only plan. Am I wrong?

Oh wow... I couldn't imagine coughing up $400 in a store to sign a 2 year contract. In about 4 to 6 months, you could probably find the Note 2 on Craigslist or elsewhere for around the same price. I remember back in July, when the Note 1 had launched on T-Mobile, it was going on CL for as low as $300 in some areas. Keeping my S3 is increasingly looking like the thing to do, at least until the price of the Note 2 drops next year.

That is way to expensive i got my white and grey one on a 29.95 a month contract for 1 euro. this is insane pricing in the usa.

have to put it in context and include the price of the plan. Not doing that is a customer's biggest fallacy.

Does this phone have a pentaband 3G radio? LTE support? What other networks does this model work on? I suspect no LTE and this is how T-Mo got it early-- basically just a rebranded version of the existing international version. All of the LTE versions are taking longer to reach market

EDIT: No LTE, only T-Mo HSPA+

Alright, I go in as a new account on the website, I can get the phone.
I log into my account and go to upgrade one of my lines, it shows "Out of Stock"?
WTF? So either they're only selling it to new contracts, which is stupid, or their website is bugged.

Anyone else experiencing this?

i have a family value plan and i was able to upgrade. ordered online on the 24th and it looks like it'll arrive today, the 26th. i also went to upgrade and didn't see it. as i was logged in i did a search for the phone on the tmobile site, and the white and gray versions came up with an upgrade button on them, so i clicked on it and went through the process. but i was also upset at first because i couldn't find a way to get it. so try that and see if it works.

[edit]looks like i can just upgrade now, maybe website was eff'ed up[/edit]

I'll be paying the off-contract price when it gets to Sprint. Hopefully it'll be the same $650 price tag, because I was actually expecting it to be $800. :)

250 down payment plus 20 dollar phone payment on a value is not a single dollar more expensive than On a classic plan when compared With apples to apples, there is no 18 dollar upgrade fee and you also dont have to wait for a mail in rebate, the benefit of doing the Value plan is that you will always be less money out of pocket getting a new phone and even with a phone payment the bill will not be a single dollar higher because of the lower monthly plan rates on value.....

Man, that's way expensive considering that I need to buy two. This sucks. I mean I get it, awesome phone, but that's just way high for a phone. I don't know why t-mobile is charging more than other carriers. I love t-mobile, my service is awesome, their customer service is awesome... but their pricing stinks. Every other carrier is offering it at $299. T-mobile is at $370 *after a mail in rebate. Meaning your actually paying $420 up front. That's $840 for two phones! On top of that, they took away the payment plan for the classic phones. It makes more sense to go to the value plan now (where it's split into 20 payments if needed). --- Despite my love for the network, their falling down on this one. Contract free customers (wanting this phone) will not choose t-mobile if they're pricing their phone $120 higher than the competition.

Another thing to keep in mind on the classic plans. T-Mobile still uses a $200 ETF when other carriers have gone to a $350 for smartphones. I think T-Mobile is choosing to raise the phone price rather than raise the ETF. Also, they might be building towards doing away with classic all together, which I would be HUGELY in favor of. I long for the day when plan prices no longer factor in the cost of a subsidized phone. That way you pay for what you are actually getting. It also allows for transparent competition on phone prices and WILL drive it down. If you want proof of that, just look at what is happening with tablets between Google, Amazon, B&N, and Apple.

Just played with the Note 2 at a retail T-Mobile. Feels really great in my hand! However, NO MULTITASKING in the software build version on the T-Mobile version. Guy showing the phone didn't even know how to activate that feature. His co-worker told him how, then I told him to look at the build. Co-worker thinks that Samsung will be pushing out software patch like it had to do for Europe very soon.

Guess I am waiting...