Sony "S2"

As well as the 9.4-inch "S1" tablet that Sony is rumored to be working on, the electronics giant is also developing a 5.5-inch clamshell device dubbed the "S2", according to reports from Engadget.

The dual-screen S2 would deliver the same Qriocity-focused experience as the S1, powered by a Tegra 2 chipset and a customized version of Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The blog's sources describe a similar dual-screen setup to that of the Kyocera Echo, with the Gmail app apparently showing a list of messages on one screen and the body of the selected message on the other. While this all sounds pretty innovative, Engadget's sources are sceptical about how successful the device will be, with one of them reportedly calling it a "dog".

Apparently Sony's plan is to launch the S2 before the end of the year for around $699, a considerable bump from $599 price point supposedly being considered for the S1. [Engadget]

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mscalero says:

This just sounds like a bomb to me.

kdkinc says:

Will it have a Budweiser label on the outside ???

Grill Tab?

Griffspen says:

I like the detailed drawing. Looks like it's ready to manufacture to me!

area223 says:

Already posted this in the forums.
LOL Whats air?


Ronindan says:

Echo XXL anyone?

Johnny_Mac says:

"What if my eyeglass case was a tablet?" - Sony engineer

Suddenly Sprint doesn't sound so crazy after all.

easy1jay says:

"...and it doubles as a make-up holder!"