At the end of April, Sony made an official announcement revealing the long rumored S1 and S2 Honeycomb Android tablets. And since then, we haven't heard or seen anything from Sony on the two tablets. Italian notebook site, Notebook Italia, got some exclusive up close shots and got to play with the oddly shaped tablets. The S1 tablet sports a 9.4-inch screen and curved backing. As for the S2, it follows a similar design to the Kyocera Echo, with its dual screen display. The dual-screen tablet is the first of its kind. The S2 has two 5.5-inch screens. Hit the source link for more photos.

Source: Notebook Italia

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moosc says:

hmm it was a little while ago they had a short video but u missed it other sights had it.

blackbyrd says:

Hasn't the S2 already failed under the Kyocera moniker? Why do we have to do this dance all over again?

Suntan says:

Is that a dualshock controller icon I see down in the notifications area?...


asd216 says:

Possibly, you can sync your controller to honeycomb. At least that's what I think I ready a while ago lol

raggioazzura says:

....refined Nintendo DS = Sony S2.

I just wish Sony'd hurry up and release the "S1"... Although I haven't owned a tablet before, I am dying to get my hands on one, but I refuse to settle for second-best, so the "S1" it is!