You want cases for your expensive smartphone? Seidio has cases of all kinds

Seidio knows mobile device accessories. We sell plenty of their products at ShopAndroid for many different model of Android. That's because you want them — and you want them because they look great and work well.

John P. and Rene Ritchie sat down and had a little chat with them on the CESLive stage. Check it out and see what they have to offer, including the new OBEX Waterproof case for the Note 3.

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Lol no one cares?

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I need a waterproof case for my nexus 5, anybody find one?

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Why cant they make a surface case with a kickstand or not for the vzw flavor of the LG G2?

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Just got my seidio dilex for that⬇

From mah shiny new Nexus 5

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