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Another day, another VZW 4G outage apparently. While not everyone is on VZW to have the issue, we certainly hear those of you who are. If you're looking to pass some time while we wait for 4G to come back, feel free to vent your frustrations in the Android Central forums with others sharing in your pain.

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Wouldn't know, still don't have a 4G phone, daaaaamnit! But it looks like I'm not missing out on much. I've been on VZW for 10+ years and never had a single complaint but it looks like they've had their fair share of problems with the 4G the past couple months, WTF?!?!?!

I wish I could have stuck with Sprint. People whine about the coverage- the data speeds. But I always had awesome coverage and data speeds were superfast and reliable- and got more so as time passed... Went from barely a single 4g bar anywhere in my house-(Ilived at edge of Sprints coverage)- to 3bars anywhere in my house. I loved Sprint- until they terminated my contract and summarily ended my service.

Seems their totally "unlimited data" isn't really. If you use too much data- they terminate your account. No "early termination fees" though- but I was perfectly happy with Sprint using my Evo 4g... that carrier IQ embedded in Sense and everything else "got me" - if I had only stuck to cyanogen mod 7- I would still be with the NOW network.. ah...
New carriers - services and pricing stinks though. T-mobile- cant not drop calls... ATT is so expensive- they charge you if you sneeze near your phone- Sneeze catcher service 9.99 a month... the breathing too much air overage charges are like .50 cents per square liter of Air over etc.. Verizon- I still hate them from when they were bell atlantic and literally kept charging me for a service I cancelled- for months-I had to get the Pennsylvania Public utility commission to make them stop- I still cant stand those thieving name and all. I dunno.
I've been using a prepaid the last month from cricket- and it calls and texts just fine- running my Evo 4g on wifi to get emails and news... I might just stay with prepaid $40 dollars a month, seriously.