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Factory images for Android 4.0.4 (IMM76I) have been made available for yakju variants of the GSM Galaxy Nexus, as well as a newcomer -- the takju build. First things first, these images are a way to return your yakju Galaxy Nexus to its factory state should you get in there and muck things all up with custom software, or for advanced users to switch from a non-yakju build to yakju. They are handy as all get-out, and have saved much bacon -- including all of us here at one time or another. You'll need fastboot up and running, and have a limited knowledge of how to flash images or read scripts. It's not hard, and if you hit a snag there's a forum full of Android lovers to help you out.

Now, about this takju thing. You might have noticed that Google decided to start selling unlocked Galaxy Nexus phones in the U.S. online today. These phones are a different model -- takju. The takju image is Android 4.0.4 (IMM76I) with some minor differences to include Google Wallet. And what's more -- flashing it to any unlocked GSM build works just fine.

Source: Google Developers. More: Google Groups


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New Android 4.0.4 factory images available online


from who? It's not in the AOSP branch and samsung said they don't provide that information. I'm sure it will leak, but we have no definite way of getting Sprint's version currently that I am aware of.

I've got a GSM Galaxy nexus and have resisted the need to flash or root my device until I seen this (the inclusion of Google Wallet is especially appealing,regardless that it doesn't work in the UK yet as far as I'm aware)

Is there a straightforward how to for this or do noobies need not apply?

Same here, the google wallet app doesn't show up if takju is installed on a UK Nexus. (at least it didnt on mine when i did it!).

To be honest, i'd tried an alleged automated program called nexus root in order to do this, but all i managed to use that for was to unlock the bootloader. I ended up following Jerry's post in order to replace my OS to takju, and to be honest i felt it went pretty smoothly.

In all honesty, i thought i'd find it easier than i did, not because the intructions were bad, but because the lingo used (in terms of bootloaders/roots/fastboots) seemed to confuse me a little.

I'd recommend doing it though, because as soon as i had done it, the jellybean update notification arrived and everything seems lovely!

I love that they name these builds after booze.

Imagine if Google had gone with that instead of desserts, and we got Android versions like Absinthe, Brandy, Cachaça...

All it means is that the update comes from Samsung. There seems to be some debate if that means "from their servers" or "they make the build and Google pushes it out". In any case, updates are a little slow coming out on that build.

(My theory: the "yakju" build is directly from Google, and is used as a sort of soak test. The other builds come from Samsung when they feel it's had some soak time. Just my opinion.)

If you want, you can re-flash your phone to the factory images from Google. It will wipe your data, but you'll get onto the "direct from Google" update train.

@font1975 could u pdovide a link on where i can re-flash my phone to the factory Google image? It would be much appreciated.

It's the "Google Developer" link listed under the article above. Takes you to the page to download the factory-image you want.

As for the "how-to"; I don't have any specific links, but start with the forum link Jerry put in his article and/or do a google search. XDA has some good posts, too.

- Requires Fastboot

- There a file called "" contained in the image download. Open that in notepad or any text editor and it will give you each command and the order to run them in.

It means that you have the latest stable version of Android. 4.0.4 is way too buggy including ridiculouissues like frequent signal drops or reception problems. Also weird battery drains out of a sudden. Especially the latest update from a couple of days back turned to be very unfortunate for my nexus. Battery life reduced something like by half and reception is very poor.

Were u replying to me @banditknight? If so that's unfortunate. I was starting to feel like I was missing something because I was on 4. .0 .2 and not on the latest version of ice cream sandwich.

4.0.4 (the IMM76I build) appears to have fixed the signal issues; I've not noticed any problems. As for the battery, I've not run mine long enough to know.

I haven't had any of these issues with the latest 4.0.4 build (IMM76I), nor did I have the signal drop issue with the original 4.0.4 build (IMM76D). In fact, I might even say the newest yakju 4.0.4 has increased my signal strength (and I spend most of my time in an area that I refer to as a 'black hole' because my signals are so bad on any carrier). My battery life is just fine, too -- I've seen no real difference between the two 4.0.4 builds and my battery.

Out of curiosity, has anyone with a Google-updated yakju build on 4.0.2 gotten the IMM76I update yet without flashing it yourself?

Yes, my update to IMM76I showed up OTA on Sunday. I DLed and flashed it using CWM recovery later in the day and didn't install the OTA.

I’ve had all the problems you’ve described with my Nexus. Had 4.0.2 and decided to update using the image from Google’s repository. I did it a few days ago, and almost immediately noticed connection issues with my phone. I was going to revert back to 4.0.2, but I saw the article on the release of the IMM76I build being released to address the connection issues. Thinking that would fix it, I applied the patch; there was absolutely no change in the connection issues. I noticed that when I turn on my Wi-Fi is when I see the problem the most. I’ll have a strong HSPA+ signal, switch on Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi indicator goes grey, then blue, then grey, then the indicator goes away, my phone reconnects to HSPA+, cellular signal goes grey, disconnects from HSPA+, Wi-Fi indicator comes back; rinse, repeat. As soon as I switch off the Wi-Fi there are no connection issues over HSPA+. Also, about the battery life, this is what my battery looked like today after LIGHT use:

I've never had such horrible battery life on my Nexus. It’s a good thing I did a nandroid backup before I loaded 4.0.4

Exactly the same experience here. I was able to run around 36hrs (from day one morning to day two evening) without a charge with about 2hrs of screen-on usage (mostly web browsing). Since I upgraded to IMM76I this time has been cut at least by half and end up with ~20% of battery after 12-15hrs. And I had no reception or signal loss problem prior to the IMM76I update.

The google wallet is the only difference?
And most important: this Takju build will by "updated by google"?

Dumb question time: if I flash the takju 4.0.4 (IMM76I) image to my yakju 4.0.4 (IMM76I) phone, does it wipe my phone and I'll need to re install all my apps and data again? When I went from 4.0.2 to 4.0.4 it was an update image. Thanks.

I believe it would wipe out all your data. Because takju is a completely different image, it would wipe out the system partition prior to installing the image. I know when I loaded the yakju 4.0.4 image on my yakju 4.0.2 phone, it completely wiped it out, but I had backups so it wasn't a problem.