AT&T Galaxy Note 2

We heard from AT&T that today was the day for the long-awaited Galaxy Note 2 multi-window update, and it looks like the carrier has stuck to its word. Several users in our forums are finding OTA notifications on their devices -- while others have had success checking manually -- and reboot to find the new feature in working order. The download all together is 178MB, which is quite hefty, and keeps the Note 2 on Android 4.1.2 for the time being.

See the update hit your device yet? Head to the forums and let the other members know how it's working out.

Source: AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Forums; Thanks, Larry!


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Multi-window update for AT&T Galaxy Note 2 now live


My AT&T Note 2 is at 4.1.1... not 4.1.2 is that a typo or did I miss something? Anyways no update for me yet, just checked manually and it says no software update available at this time, and I can check again for 24 hours... lame.

Mine went to update this morning but had to leave. Reconnected it when I got where I was going it was at 66% and then was cleared it didn't do the update when I rebooted and still says I'm on the old patch 4.1.1 plus now it says no new update available. Anyway to find the file in my ex file explorer and reset it or have it continue?

I have the same issue. What do I need to do to refresh the update? Att says its a samsung issue and samsung says it's an att issue! I'm lost!

I hate that it says wait for another 24 hours. While I have problem with "memory full" and trying to figure out why, why do I want to wait for another 24 hours to try? Is it silly?

How long does anyone think it'll be before Apple applies for a patent on a multi-window UI for smartphones and tablets?

Is it just me, or does the new Multi Window look like Samsungs OLD window 6.0 software? See the Samsung Omnia

Same here 4.1.1 and no update at this time

After the update I only get a green screen for the camera. The smaller front camera preview is fine. Stopped app and cleared defaults but it didn't help. Any one else having issues with the camera?

No notification and no luck on the manual search. No update at this time... Can't check update for another 48 hours.

Oh yeah!!! This worked for me. I just finished downloading the update. I didn't notice any speed change but I got the multi-windows. :)

Exynos memory fix worked before the update. After the update it is causing the green screen on the camera. When I disable the fix, the camera works fine. So I either have a working camera or block a large security hole... *sigh*

I have CleanROM 3.5 and have had Multi-view for a week now. Its neat. Plus I also have mine transparent.

Root. Get rid of ATT junk apps. Will make your phone faster.

Use CleanROM 3.5

Would I lose my root if I chose to do this install? I'm still on stock rom, just rooted to remove bloatware.Pros and cons anyone? Thanks.

I played with the check for updates and now I have to wait 133 hours to check again. How do I clear that? I want the upgrade for galaxy note 2. Will the update push through despite the timer?

Me too. Does the countdown timer prevent updates from coming through if they are there and how does one clear the countdown timer *which sucks* without rooting?

just go to settings and then to dateand time and set the date to the 31st and then check for the update and it will be there this is what I did

well that means the update was not pushed out where you live it worked for me and im working with mulit veiw right now

I do not have a device mgt under settings/apps/all. I have a device help there. The data cannot be cleared under it.

Andrew, is that an app or the digital clock widget from 4.2? If so, how did you get it to work? -Chris

I found out from ATandT that YES. The countdown timer under check for updates is an application and if you got the date PUSHED ahead, you cannot get the update until the countdown timer counts down. ATandT also removed the clear data from the updater app so you can't clear the timer. For those of us who pushed the clock and got the timer to go to outrageous hours, you cannot get the update until the timer counts down to Zero. So for those who cannot get the update now, if you pushed the countdown timer to high hours you won't see the update for quite a while. I have to wait til Wednesday now. Sorry guys. Bombard ATandT and get them to put the update to Kies Air which they should have done to begin with. Then there would be no staggered 10% a day release of the update around the country and no TIMER app (the ATandT upgrade app.). ATandT put that updater app in due to not wanting people to bombard their network with constant requests for upgrade downloads at one time so their diamond of a network (in their eyes) won't get slowed down. Sprint released the upgrade in the wild. With ATandT we are "lucky" to be getting the update at all. Again, this should have been an online download like when the Original Note got an upgrade from Gingerbread to ICS. Keep calling ATandT and maybe they will put it online rather than on wi-fi (Over the Air).

Cant connect to my home wifi any more since I got the update. Battery reboot worked for a few minutes then got disconnected again. Disabled all at&t apps. Called customer support and they were unable to help. Any ideas?

Been trying for a few days to update, keep getting "Memory Full. Not enough space. Unable to update software." Any idea's why or how to fix? Have a Note 2 and have over 1GB of free memory.

Getting the same thing here. I have 4GB free on the device and a 32GB SD card, no issue with storage on this thing

I was also getting the same error.. What i did was I cleared the "cache memory" using app2sd application.. and no more error message.

I keep trying to update my note 2 because it tells me I have an update but everytime I do it it gets to 24% and then tells me it cant be completed. Can anyone help me ?

I installed the 'upgrade' for my HTC OneX. Now my keyboard is totally gibberish. *&$&*&$&^^!!!. Can't type -- made sure English QWERTY is selected, shut down back, etc, etc. F'ed up...Thanks ATT!