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Text message handling with DashClock, Pebble and Hangouts also improved

One of the most popular notification, vibration and LED control apps, Light Flow, has just been updated to improve compatibility across multiple devices and apps. The biggest of the bunch will be Sony SmartWatch 2 support, along with the notification LED on the back of the LG G2 and Sony phones that came with an "illumination bar" down at the bottom.

The update also improves text message handling when you have DashClock installed or a Pebble connected when running Android 4.3, as well as genreal fixes for SMS and Hangouts. These updates are all included in the free version of Light Flow, which you can download from the Play Store link above.


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Light Flow update supports Sony SmartWatch 2, LG G2 power button LED


Check out Xposed Led controller for.... Xposed. Not as featured as Lightflow, but uses 0 battery and seems, at least to me, is more reliable.


On my Nexus 5, Light Flow uses practically 0 battery. Reliability was an issue until a few updates ago but quite good now.

The back button on the LG G2 can change colors? I've never noticed that.

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The link is to the paid version. Plus, I'm not seeing any update yet..probably just talking time to rollout.

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Can't wait to get this update on my Xperia S! i'd like to check out the controls for the illumination bar.

G2 has to be rooted.... Would be nice to have an app to control the rear led without root.

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I liked this app, but actual text messages kept showing up inside the Light Flow notification area. The text notification light would continue to blink even after the text had been cleared, until you open the Light Flow settings to clear it. Except for this annoyance, the app was useful, but in the end I had to turn it off.

takpro: you must have something configured wrong. the way Lightflow works it has to work around certain Android limitations (at least pre-4.3 or 4.2 or something) and sometimes need to be massaged in android and in individual apps. Also, root is required to control the G2 back LED AND a setting enabling LF to use root must be enabled in the app itself.

Re: notifications not clearing...I'm not sure what you mean by "LF notification area". Do you have the persistent LF icon turned on? I don't use this as the app works well without needing a persistent icon. make sure to have all notifications clear at screen on. I also check the box for them to clear at notification tray pulldown. doing this makes every non-battery notification light turn off like one would expect. You may also need to follow special instructions to get SMS/MMS notifications to behave properly with some 3rd party SMS apps hat have their own LED support, like GoSMS Pro.

I've been using the paid version of LF for at least 3 years now, going back to an HTC Thunderbolt (the first LTE phone in NA). The app has come a very long way and is very robust and stable now in comparison. I didn't have any problems at all on my GNex for 2 years and it's working just as good on my G2. You just need to give it a little TLC to get everything configured properly. This app spoils me so much that it'd be very hard for me to buy a phone without a colored LED.

My point is that it does work extremely well and should work exactly how almost anyone would like it to work. it's very flexible, but requires a little initial patience and trial and error. After you get it working properly, use the settings backup (under Tools) to make sure you dont have to go through it again. I also take a TB backup of it. After I upgraded to my G2 I started with a fresh LF and it took a day or 2 to get all my notifications right again.

Is the sony smartwatch 2 compatible with the lg g2? I keep seeing people say they couldn't pair it. I don't want to waste my money. I see the G watch is coming soon