Best Buy deal slashes $700 off the price of this 65-inch LG QNED smart TV

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Christmas is long gone, but you don't need a festive sale event to find a great smart TV deal. In fact, it seems like TVs are one of the few items that aren't increasing in price these days, and many retailers are more than happy to drop a couple hundred dollars off the price in order to earn your business. That being said, there's a big difference between a couple hundred dollars and the outstanding deal that we just uncovered: head to Best Buy now and you can get a jaw-dropping $700 off the 65-inch LG Class 83 Series QNED TV, an entertainment powerhouse that usually retails for $1,699.99. It's a Black Friday-level deal in the middle of January!

Get $700 off this LG QNED smart TV at Best Buy

LG 65" Class 83 Series QNED Smart TV:$1,699.99$999.99 at Best Buy

LG 65" Class 83 Series QNED Smart TV: $1,699.99 $999.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy just launched a deal that carves a whopping $700 off the price of the 65-inch Class 83 Series smart TV by LG, sending the price down to just $999.99. With the Class 83 series, you're getting a powerful TV that produces exceptional picture thanks to a mini-LED display and a7 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K that optimizes every image in real time. To make the deal even sweeter, Best Buy will hook you up with a free month of FuboTV and three free months of Apple TV Plus with your purchase. 

The LG Class 83 Series QNED TV uses an a7 Gen 4 AI Processor to automatically optimize the picture quality of whatever you're watching, while the 4K upscaling means your favorite films and TV shows will look better than ever before. But what exactly does QNED mean? It's basically LG's way of selling the power of their Quantum Dot NanoCell Color Technology, or in other words, super-tiny LED lights powered by artificial intelligence. The mini-LED backlight allows the TV to intelligently control the color and contrast on a seemingly-microscopic level, thereby producing incredibly lifelike picture with richer colors and deeper blacks.

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