LG Innotek is giving telephoto zoom cameras a big upgrade on next-gen phones

The camera module on the Burgundy Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • LG Innotek reveals its optical telephoto zoom camera module at CES 2023.
  • The zoom module is capable of 4x to 9x zoom, keeping captured content at a high quality.
  • LG Innotek's new module also contains an Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) to reduce the blur seen on a higher zoomed photo or video where it's most noticeable.

LG Innotek reveals its new optical telephoto advancements at the 2023 international CES event.

According to LG Innotek's press release, tech lovers can now learn what improvements it's bringing to the smartphone industry with its new optical telephoto zoom camera module. The company states that this new telephoto module is capable of achieving a 4x to 9x optical zoom. 

It goes on to explain that there are two types of zoom: digital and optical. The latter is what LG Innotek is putting to use due to its module moving the lens directly to zoom, creating a higher overall image quality.

This is all thanks to the company's zoom actuator, a component that was not only tuned for accuracy but also durability and speed while also using less battery power. LG Innotek has also minimized the thickness of the module in an effort to remove the "camera bump" featured on many of the best smartphones on the market.

LG Innotek's recently revealed optical telephoto zoom camera module.

(Image credit: LG Innotek)

The module is also taking advantage of an Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) which reduces blur on photos and videos caused by shaking and increases the definition of captured content. LG Innotek sees this as an important additional feature considering the closer you are to a target, the more clearly you can notice subtle movements.

LG Innotek has also been working closely alongside Qualcomm and states that this relationship will work toward improving its software to work with its optical zoom. This work will be put to use on phones powered by the recently launched Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform. It's said to enhance auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-white balance, lens shading correction, and more.

Sony introduced a periscope optical lens with the launch of its Xperia 1 IV built for content creators. This module offered a "true optical zoom" which had a zoom range of 3.5x to 5.2x. The company stated this would allow users to enjoy a smoother zoom and better image capture quality before digital cropping came into play. However, it looks like LG Innotek's optical telephoto module is looking to gain the edge considering it is attempting to keep the quality high at a much closer zoom range without compromise.

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