This three-year-old LG smartphone is getting Android 13

LG V60 back panel
(Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Android 13 is making its way to the LG V60 in the United States.
  • The rollout marks the final software update for LG's 2020 smartphone model.
  • However, it's currently limited only to the T-Mobile variant of the phone.

LG may have already exited the smartphone business, but that doesn’t mean its existing handsets have stopped receiving software updates. Some of the company’s top Android phones of old are still due to get upgraded to Android 13, and the LG V60 is the latest model to receive the update.

According to a post on Reddit, LG's 2020 smartphone model is picking up the latest version of Android in the United States (via Android Authority). However, it is only available on the T-Mobile variant at the moment. If your phone is locked to another carrier, you'll have to wait a while.

A few users who have installed the update have reported that their LG V60 has become faster. As is customary, the update includes bug fixes and security enhancements, as well as a slew of Android 13 goodies.

LG's update commitment guarantees three years of major Android OS upgrades, so the latest release should come as no surprise. However, given that the LG V60 was released in 2020, this is the device's final update.

Late last year, the South Korean tech company revealed a list of devices that will receive Android 13 in the first quarter of 2023. The LG Velvet and LG Wing were among those on the list, but the LG V60 was not mentioned.

LG released the V60 three years ago with Android 10 out of the box, powered by Qualcomm's legacy Snapdragon 865 chipset.

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when the update will land on the rest of the U.S. carriers. It's safe to assume that this is now in the pipeline, so only time will tell when Android 13 will arrive for the last model in the V series.

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