LG reveals when its Android 13 rollout will begin

LG Velvet
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What you need to know

  • LG details its update plan for Android 13 as we ring in the new year.
  • The LG Velvet will receive Android 13 in Korea in the first quarter of 2023.
  • It is expected that the LG Wing will gain Android 13, too, but it will only receive a security update in Q1 2023 along with a few other devices.

LG stands up for what's most likely the last time as it details its Android 13 rollout.

According to LG's official Korean updates post, the company will begin rolling out Android 13 to the LG Velvet in the first quarter of 2023. Another one of the company's latest smartphones is on this new year plan, and that is the LG Wing. The Korean OEM's unique dual-screen device was listed alongside the Velvet to receive three major OS updates, bringing it up to Android 13.

While this early look does not give us any information on when exactly we should expect the LG Wing to receive its Android 13 update, the device is listed alongside the LG Q61, Q92 5G, and Q52 5G for security updates in the first quarter of the new year. However, not mentioned is the LG V60, which we also expect will receive Android 13 at some point.

LG also informs that this update rollout for Android 13 and the following security updates pertain to devices in Korea. With that, owners of any of the mentioned devices will probably have to wait a little bit after LG finishes rolling out the updates in its home region first before pushing it to other areas.

Even though LG bowed out of the smartphone game a while ago, the company has still remained committed to pushing updates to some of its most recent phones, even if it takes longer to reach them. The LG Velvet and Wing are among these devices, with the latter most recently this year receiving a very silent Android 12 update.

That OS update didn't hold too much special for the phone other than the improvements Google implemented with the software itself. There were also very minimal visual changes, which is unfortunate for anyone hoping for a big Material You overhaul with dynamic themes. It's safe to assume that's what owners of the Velvet and the Wing (at some point) should expect, as well, with Android 13.

This year's Android OS is essentially the final major OS update LG will push for its users, leaving anyone still holding to them the only option of finding a new Android phone.

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