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HTC has announced on its official Facebook page that thanks to its recent partnership with cloud storage provider Dropbox, the Dropbox app will come preinstalled on all HTC Android phones. HTC phone owners will also benefit from 5GB of free cloud storage, versus the standard 2GB normally given to free account holders.

Dropbox has previously partnered with Sony Ericsson to bring pre-loaded Dropbox apps to Xperia owners, however unlike the HTC deal, no additional storage is offered on SE devices.

So far it's unclear which HTC legacy devices, if any, will be able to take advantage of the 5GB storage deal. We've reached out to HTC for comment, and we'll update you when they get back to us.

Source: HTC on Facebook

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Pretty sure this was announced in September... Its it only now "official"? . . . and I think stories from last month mentioned only Sense 3.5 phones

Johnson21x says:

Love me some dropbox :)

TheBrizz says:

That'll be BS if existing devices don't get it, since it's not dependent on a hardware or software upgrade.

Kilien says:

It's definitely software based, I loaded a Sense 3.5 ROM (Runneymede) on my Inspire 4G and logged into the Dropbox app. A few minutes later I got an email from Dropbox with my extra 5GB

RamboDroid says:

So judging by Phil's phone stack he will have like 25G on dropbox. LOL

El Jefe says:

If anyone wants an extra 250mb of storage when signing up for Dropbox, sign up here.

GPOWW says:

It seems pretty useless to me as all my photos sync to Picasa automatically and I have music in Google music and files in Google I missing something here lol

Makes sense. Just curious, are you using Google+ to upload your pictures automatically to Picasa or will the gallery app already do that?

El Jefe says:

Can you send ANY file to Google Docs? I am asking because I don't use it, but I do use Dropbox to upload backups of .apks that I have on my phone that aren't available in the Market anymore. I also upload system backups that way if my SD card or home PC ever become corrupted, I always have another copy elsewhere.

Makes sense. Just curious, are you using Google+ to upload your pictures automatically to Picasa or will the gallery app already do that?

gogolgoth says:

Please be aware that SugarSync allows you for 5 gb of free storage regardless of your choice of mobile phone. And the Android client is very nice - I really like the insta-backup of photos. Just enable it and every picture taken gets backed up automatically, no questions asked and no prompts seen.

(I have no experience with Dropbox, so I can't compare)

abtxpress says:

Dropbox already gave me my 3gb of free space... I have the Incredible 2 running 3.5 sense.

Gekko says:

the extra 3GB is only for 12 months which IMO is utterly and extremely LAME.

worwig says:

Sugarsync. You get 5GB for starters for free. And you can sync any directory including photos.

jbb says:

It's not exciting. is offering iPhone users lifetime 50GB space.

I know photobucket allows you to back up pictures and videos. gives you 10Gb of storage space for free (although they're still working on video storing so I wouldn't recommend that just yet). I use a combination of a 32GB micro sd card, Google cloud services, dropbox, photobucket, and so I'm pretty much set for storage right now.

IAmSixNine says:

I wonder if existing Dropbox users will get to combine the 5GB of storage with what every they have now.
Right now i have 4.25GB of space. So will i get an additional 5GB for a total of 9.25GB if or when this goes into effect? Guess those are the details we will find out about later.

Gekko says:

an HTC Sense 3.5 phone gives you an extra 3GB for 12 months. the 5GB quoted includes the 2GB initial free when you initially sign/ed up for Dropbox. so it looks like you would have 4.25GB + 3GB free from HTC = 7.25GB. and again - the extra 3GB is only for 12 months which sucks IMO!

texagg01 says:

I picked up a Touchpad during the fire sale a couple months ago. I just installed and got 50gb of free storage. I can now take advantage of that with my EVO. Pretty sweet deal. Now I just need to see whether I like or Dropbox better.

IRepTheKing says:

Grab an extra 250MB when you sign up here ...

jecilop says:

I've gone through a number of the free cloud storage and syncing sites. Sugarsync is definitely the best. Also, they allow far more options and files to be stored. Even their music streaming to my phone and tablet are terrific. The UI is easily followed, and it has a lot of file or folder sharing features that are terrific an easy to do. I also found that DropBox syncing interferes with other network use on my computer. It's interface is not as intuitive either. I'd started using sugarsync for as much as possible. I will shamelessly plug them to get more storage for myself. You can do the same thing. Follow this link:
Quick extra: If you download to your computer also then go to the website to see your stuff, after a few navigations they may pop up a message to get 30gb for a year for $25 with a 30 day free trial. Follow the above link and it will actually end up as 40gb. After the year, you would still have a total of 15gb FREE should you not renew. You also get extra free space from their "game" to show you how it works. It's great!