HTC Chief Financial Officer Chailin Chang will take over as head of global sales in addition to his current responsibilities, reports Bloomberg. Chang takes over global sales duties from HTC America President Jason Mackenzie, who has occupied the role since late 2012, having managed both global sales and marketing before that.

The move is one of many HTC executive switches in the past year, which has seen several high-level job changes and departures at the Taiwanese smartphone maker amid falling revenue. HTC recently posted the first quarterly operating loss in its history, and risks a second quarter of losses if it misses its Q4 targets by even a small amount.

This latest change of responsibilities also brings a key role back to the company's Taipei HQ, a theme of some of HTC's earlier restructuring.

Source: Bloomberg


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HTC CFO to take over global sales duties


Your incredible hatred inside every HTC article--in which you tell a person to commit suicide ("seppuku")--is doing nothing but embarrassing yourself. Honestly, whether or not you like HTC as a company, there are real people behind it, and you pretending in every article to be talking to one of them and urging them to kill themselves is disgusting.


From another article

Robert Yen, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, said that Monday's move may signal a shift in HTC's financial strategy, telling Reuters that the change suggests a "more aggressive attitude toward its finance department in terms of creating value other than just accounting integrity, especially the value in enhancing the uniqueness and competitiveness of its smartphone products and services." But Tom Tang, a vice president at Masterlink Investment Advisory, took a more circumspect approach to HTC's announcement, explaining that "[w]hen a company changes its CFO, it often indicates that the company's operations or financials have reached a bottleneck."

For the record, Robert Yen may have been this guys boss at Goldman since that is where he came from.

Jason Mckenzie has done an excellent job for Htc America and definitely doesn't deserve this fate.

Another disgraceful act committed by a failed company. Peter Chou you are running out of people your turn is coming in 2014.

It should've already happened years ago after your elimination of the Htc Evo line products.

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I have to agree with you there. They should've enhanced the EVO line instead of releasing a new line.

Richard doesn't let things like facts get in the way

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Lack of booze is making my chemical imbalance, balanced.

Don't worry, the holidays and another use it or lose it pto period is coming quickly

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

So.. Mckenzie is no longer juggling two roles, but still remains on board for NA operations. I just hope HTC isn't expecting instant turnaround in momentum and plan for long term results.

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I don't know who's worst Peter Chow or Jerry Jones of my beloved Dallas Cowboys.

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This sucks! I love my HTC One! Less quality choices in the Android community is a bad thing. I really think HTC only needs to focus on a low budget phone, and then put all of their energy in the flagship follow up to the HTC One and One Max. In the past I think HTC has just made too many models, but in 2013 they got it right with the HTC One!

Maybe if they listened to their fan base they wouldn't be in this situation. Have better device support and more innovative software.

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What do you mean by 'more innovative software'?

They did a pretty good job with Sense 5/5.5. It's nothing like the previous Sense versions, and has a fair amount of new features.

Spot on merc

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Personally they lost me with the One. Don't get me wrong, I think the One is a fantastic device. That said the choices that were made for the device left me kinda cool to it. First still using capacitive buttons. What is this 2010? Two, going with a non standard button placement. Was it really necessary for them to stick the logo right where the home button should have been. Bad enough it's there, they could have had it have a function. Nope it just takes up space and reminds you every time that HTC still doesn't get it. My first Android was an EVO. Was looking to get the 4glte and when I did I realized how screwed up they were. I loved the feel and sound of the One. Even sense 5 was an improvement. The hubris of what they did with that though made me say no. So instead I'm writing this on my new Moto X. At least they get it. Granted it took Google to buy them for it.

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Give me a break. I got use to the non-standard button placement in about 2 days. I also prefer hardware buttons as I'm sure do many others. I like that the HTC logo is there staring at me because I like HTC products. The HTC One is superior to the Moto X in so many ways I don't even know where to start. But enjoy, variety is the spice of life. HTC for life!

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I too like the hardware buttons. S4 and iphone also have hardware button and they sell like hot cakes. If hardware buttons is the reason HTC is failing then why is Samsung selling so many S4 and Notes? I liked the HTC One but after having the Nexus 4 for a year I wanted to move away from 4.7" screens, wanted bigger battery, and snapdragon 800. At the time of my upgrade the Z1 was the obvious choice but that hasn't made it stateside. So I upgraded to a G2 on Sprint. Now toying with the idea of buying a Z1 from ebay since that's the phone I really wanted and taking it to AT&T.

I also like the HTC logo on the front of my One...mostly because it's not a Verizon logo! The One is a fabulous phone...made even better by never, ever having to see that huge, obnoxious V and Verizon when I look at it.

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All I want to do is ask, what does the Motorola X on the front do? If it is a notification light then you come out ahead. If it is just a logo, then it's the same thing...

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

First there is no front facing logo on the X. There is one on the back that is prominent but not in your face. The front is all about business not some "Hey look at me " deal. I'm more about function than advertisements. Never mind that I'll have plenty of juice in this photo while the One owners will be tethered to a wall plug.

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News like this makes me think my next phone shouldn't be an HTC. I love my One, but will the company even be around by spring/summer 2014?

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Hope Sony buys them out and combine HTC with Sony Mobile. I just had an orgasm thinking about the Z1 mixed with the HTC ONE.

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Jason is topnotch, and one of the reasons I stick with HTC (dealt with him with regards to a non-optimal device situation). Hopefully, HTC knows what it is doing.