Samsung Galaxy S4

The tag line for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is "Life companion." And that's a fine slogan. But if you're a little tired of seeing it on your phone every time you turn it on, you're not alone. 

Fortunately, it's easy to change. Samsung's taking advantage of the lock screen widgets in Android 4.2.2 to provide that custom greeting, clock and date as soon as you wake the phone. You can change the font, color and size, remove the clock and date if you want -- or get rid of the widget altogether.

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Two ways to go about this:

  1. The long way: Go to Settings>My device>Lock screen>Lock screen widgets. That'll get you to the customization page.
  2. The easy way: From the lock screen, tap and hold on the "Life companion" line, then drag down. You should now see a little edit icon on the bottom right of the widget, about halfway down the screen. Tap it to go directly to the customization page.

And that's it. From there, you can change the slogan, change the font, size and color, or get rid of the clock and date if you want.

Or if you want to, you can just remove that widget altogether (tap, hold and drag up to "remove") and use something else.


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How to change the Galaxy S4 lock screen message


Is there a way to display owner information on the lock screen like other Android phones? I'd really like to display an email address/alternative phone number that can be used to contact me, in addition to my name

Yes you need to change from personal message to clock and then there is a new setting for owner info. Bad thing is the text is tiny and scrolls across screen and you cannot edit it. There is no way to have both. Kind of stinks because I would like to put my contact info in the personal message screen to make it easier to see, but it doesn't fit. :(

Any idea how to disable the full screen calendar notifications on the GS4? On the GS3, there is a settings option to disable it, but it has been removed from the GS4.

Prototypical of Samsung's weird, unwieldy approach. It almost seems as if it was written by a non-english speaker. It's just a strange thing to have right there.

I've seen S4's where the wallpaper
extends all the way to the
notification bar, I'd like to know how to do that.

Life Companion... Really? I thought that was just in use for promotional purposes but that's actually what every Samsung Galaxy S4 says by default. lol Rotfl...alright. Omg lol...wait, really? lol... Ok, I'm done lol..oh Samsung and I thought Martha Stewart signing up for was creepy. Oh I'm so glad I bought the HTC One.

Yeah, there's nothing like a little engrish on your phone to remind you that it was made for an entirely different market. There's a few other menus and feature names that are full on engrish as well. Totally sloppy.

We don't use the term "Life companion" in Washington State anymore. We passed gay marriage last November.

Is there a way to change the picture that is shown? It's great that I can change the message, but I would like to personalize the picture too.

Like BrianBauman I was interested in learning if there was a way to display more information on the lock screen - it seems limited to about 20 characters. I'd really like to display more information in the case of phone loss or emergency.
Sorry if this seems a trivial question but I'm new to Android and the S4.

Pure curiosity....but a few months ago, I, changed mine to

Do I ""stutter"" bitch had changed to

Do I ""stutter"" oooo

Anyone else has their message edited for yhem?

I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S4. The clock on my lock screen is white & I'd like to change it to black. I see where you can change the color of a personal message but I don't want a message. Is there a way I can change the color of the clock?

Also, regarding notifications, I have the notifications set to silent but I'm still getting an annoying ding when I have new email. How do I stop that?


Hi! Is there a way to remove my messages from showing on my locked screen?!? I have a galaxy s4 and its becoming annoying because my coworkers can easily invade my privacy... thanks in advance!!!