Galaxy S3

MetroPCS this morning announced that its Samsung Galaxy S3 will be in select stores this weekend (it declined to say which ones), and everywhere starting Oct. 22. Samsung's premiere device will run $499; service plans start at $30, with unlimited voice, texting and 4G LTE data.

Source: Press release

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mike340t says:

Being this devise is just launching, it should have Jellybean, but probably doesn't?...

Cubfan says:

Is MetroPCS using Sprint towers, Verizon, or what? Doesn't look available in my area.

Sniper1087 says:

neither, they aren't an MVNO, they owned their own towers, is the 5th largest carrier.

angryGTS says:

They roam off Verizon....

dumbgeniuz says:

These is very tempting ... the $$$ I would save from my reg bill will pay off the metropcs fone price and I will still save $$$ in the long run but ....... hows the service ?????

Depends on where you live. Here in New York it's actually pretty good. I used to get service pretty much everywhere. Although, I'm talking about voice alone, not LTE.

E90 Commie says:

I would buy the S III i9300 instead and go for either Straight Talk or Net10. It is a better route rather than going for a carrier device (like this).

The coverage of the AT&T network used by ST or Net10 is better and the monthly cost is similar to MetroPCS.


djnorcal says:

$30 per month for unlimited 4g LTE? As of this date the lowest data rate listed on the Metro PCS site is $40 for 250mb (and throttled back to an unspecified rate thereafter).

Or did you mean "plans starting at $30 per month with unlimited data available (at a higher rate)? Actually, they didn't list any data plan at $30.

The good folks at Metro PCS probably enjoyed the ambiguity of your statement, but I didn't.

nicorico22 says:

They have a plan right now for $30 dollars a month but you only get 250mb if 4g LTE darta, after that they slow u down. The only thing is that in order to get that plan you have to get it a store and need to pay a 10$ promotion fee ( you only pay those 10 dollars once)