Other specs said to include octa-core Exynos CPU, 3GB of RAM, 13-megapixel OIS camera

Samsung's has dropped a few hints that the Galaxy Note 3 will be announced on Sep. 4 in Berlin, Germany, ahead of the IFA trade show, but so far details of the device's internal specs have been difficult to pin down. Today, however, Samsung fansite SamMobile has published a partial spec sheet for the international 3G and 4G versions of the device, which are said to carry the product number SM-N900 and SM-N9005 respectively.

First, the big news -- the Galaxy Note 3 will apparently feature a 5.68-inch Full HD (1080p) SuperAMOLED display. If Samsung is able to reduce the bezel around the screen as it did on the Galaxy S4, it's likely the Note 3 will fit within the footprint of its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2.

As is the case with the Galaxy S4, the international 3G version features Samsung's own Exynos 5 Octa CPU. This time though it's a newer chip, the Exynos 5420, which uses ARM's beastly Mali T628 MP6 GPU. It's unclear which CPU the 4G version will use, but if Samsung once again opts for Qualcomm chip, the new Snapdragon 800 would be a good bet. Other notables include 3GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel OIS camera. Here's how things break down --

  • Display: 5.68-inch Full HD SuperAMOLED
  • Chipset: Exynos 5 Octa 5420 CPU at 1.8GHz with Mali-T628 MP6 GPU (3G version only, chipset for 4G version unknown)
  • RAM: 3GB (4G version)
  • Camera: 13-megapixel with Optical Image Stabilization
  • Storage: 16/32/64GB + microSD
  • OS: Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • Battery: 3,200mAh

Unsurprisingly, it's a list of bleeding-edge smartphone hardware. But given the history of the Note series -- and Samsung in general -- it'll likely be features, not specs, that set the Galaxy Note 3 apart from other phones.

However things unfold next month, we'll be live from Berlin to bring you full coverage of Samsung's next Note.

Source: SamMobile


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Galaxy Note 3 reportedly packing 5.68-inch Full HD SuperAMOLED screen


I'd honestly be stoked if the US got a Qualcomm powered version over the Exynos. Everything else on that list is awesome.

For people who install custom roms like Cyanogenmod it makes a big difference. Qualcomm has a really decent track record for releasing the source code for their hardware drivers and kernel modules. Samsung lately does not.

Yeah I get that buy I wouldn't put qualcomm ahead of Sammy on this

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

I could be completely wrong but I think for some reason exynos doesnt get along with lte. But as I stated I could be thinking of something else

Don't know why people keep saying that. Samsung used Qualcomm baseband radios for LTE perfectly fine in the Note II. I honestly don't see much reason in Samsung releasing phones with Qualcomm SoCs over their own processors other than probably integrated baseband. It's not like Exynos is really not compatible with LTE radios in the first place.

The Exynos would probably be a better choice for benchmark junkies. However, the Qualcomm 8974 (Snapdragon 800) is a more practical choice because all wireless/baseband connectivity (LTE/HSPA/CDMA/GPS/Glonass/802.11abgnac wifi/Bluetooth 4.0/etc) are all built-in into the chip while the Exynos would probably require a separate baseband/wireless modem chip like the Qualcomm MDM9625.

Agreed, I would rather it sport the 800 personally but this is my next either way. I found that moving up to a five inch screen on the DNA just made me want an even bigger screen. Can't wait!

Does anyone even know anything solid about the next nexus?

I think the only thing we know is this:
What's going to happen is people are going to start hyping it and the when its released and people are disappointed they'll say it could never have lived up to the hype.

Motorola is suppose to make the next Nexus phone. That's what a lot of rumors are saying. If that's true then it'll probably be based off the MOTO X.

‎Google 新聞

I think that was just a mere coincidence this time around. The Nexus One did not have a 1-inch screen. The 2nd and 3rd Nexus phones didn't have numbers in their names and they did have screens (No # would mean no screen according to the number/size logic). The Nexus 4 happened to have a 4.7-inch screen and be the 4th Nexus phone. They may call the next Nexus '5' since it is the 5th Nexus or some other name.

Yeah, but they now seemed to gone to a much simpler naming convention which includes the other Nexus devices, the Nexus 7 (a 7" tablet) and the Nexus 10 (a 10" tablet).

My guess would be that the next Nexus phone will still be Nexus 4, just the 2013 version, given that is exactly how the latest Nexus 7 was released. Obviously, this is nothing more than speculation on my part. Of course, if the new Nexus phone has a 5" screen, maybe it will be dubbed "Nexus 5"

Yeah, ok that's why it's called the Nexus 4.7, right? That may be true thus far for tablets. It has never been for Nexus phones. Who cares what it's called, I'll be getting it.

I don't understand people who say "it's between the GN3 or the next Nexus." IMO and using a little hyperbole, that's like saying my next vehicle will be either a hatchback or a SUV.

I currently have the Nexus 4 and love it. To me, none of the other non-Note phones have anything I want that I don't get on my Nexus 4 in a faster and more efficient manner.

That said, the Note line offers things that are not replicated on any other phone. My wife has a Note 2 and I love using it when I get I can pry it from her hands. She uses the stylus quite a bit but I think I'd even get more use out of it. I hate taking notes on a pad of paper and being able to take digital notes is appealing.

As for the dichotomy between the two phones, it's not as silly as you think. A hatchback is good at some things and an SUV is good at some things. They share some functions, namely transporting up to five people from point A to point B. Depending on various factors, one or the other might be an appropriate transportation solution. Do you consider these statements crazy?

"I'm thinking about buying a boat. If I do, I'll probably buy an SUV to tow it otherwise I'll buy a hatchback because I won't need the horsepower and it will be more economical on gas."

"I really like the looks of an FJ Cruiser. If the new model is as cool or even cooler than the existing model I'll get it. Otherwise, I'll pass and will get a brand-new BMW 135i instead as the FJ Cruiser is the only SUV that appeals to me."

Think of it this way: I want a pocketable, powerful phone with a super-efficient and uncluttered UI. Thus, I want a Nexus. The only device that would change my mind is one that confers additional functionality that would be compelling enough to convince me to put up with a convoluted and cluttered UI (Touchwiz). The Note line is the only one that has a chance to steer me away from the Nexus.


After all the Rooting and ROMing I've ever done, from Droid Eris, Captivate, Charge, Galaxy Crapus, Skyrocket and Note 2. Jellybeans is the best ROM that I have EVER had.

If this passes the skinny jeans test I'm in. If not I have no idea what I'll replace my GS3 with.

Posted via Android Central App

As long as it's within a reasonable price range and of course, it has to be available at launch time the same as the lame entries of 16gig.

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Awesome! Hmm LG G2, note 3, Nexus 5 or Sony Honami...decisions decisions

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I will be happy with my Galaxy Note 3 definitely ready for purchase on day one.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.

So you're going to spend more money on a phone that's inferior to the LG Optimus G Pro. That phone pimp-slaps your silly Note 3.

I was hoping for a smaller form factor but silly me. I should have known better. Samsung, like US automakers before it, will keep going bigger as long as it sells.

Either way, it sounds like a beast. I guess that's what it will take to dethrone the Nexus 4 as my handset of choice.

If you didn't want something 5.5 inches or above, then why go for a Note series? There is the Galaxy S4 at 5 inches, and the Note 2 currently at 5.5 inches. If the Note 3 is no larger than the Note 2 in terms of overall device size, that will be fine. You could always wait until next year as well and get the S5, which will probably be a bit bigger than the S4.


Totally agree with your sound logic. Galaxy Note fills the phablet niche..not getting any smaller.

Exactly. Which is why after holding a "wifi" Note 8.0 in my hands, I'm getting the phone-capable version to use along with my Note 2 when I feel like looking ridiculous. I just hope the Philly area isn't 2g only with it on T-Mo. And that they don't release an 8-inch Note 3 version too soon. #BuyersRemorse

I'm really hoping they up the plastic build a little bit, maybe with a rubberized back or aluminum around the side. Maybe i'm just dreaming. I know it will never look like the HTC One, but maybe just a strip of quality would be enough. Still wish they had kept the 5.5" display and shrunk the device instead if possible with a smaller bezel. I need an upgrade for my GS3 and i'm thinking this is it but the note 2 really pushed the comfort limit for me in size.

This being my first SGNote,I think I can handle the size of it.Oooh,God that sounded so!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

ROFLMAO. That is hilarious because you said it and then realized that it sounded gay lol!

And then you realized that you could have deleted the comment and never posted it... but then you wouldn't be able to make a joke like that.

It's the delete or key on your keyboard. The OP realized what his post sounded like before he hit the Save button, thus his delete or backspace key would have sufficed.

It'll be awkward at first. Then you'll get used to it. Then you'll never want to use anything small again.

And yes, "That's what she said"

Rocked a Note 2 since it's release until a few weeks ago when I backed down to the smaller Xperia Z. I've come to realize now that the Note 2 was just a tad bit too big. The 5" range of devices would have been considered huge just a few years ago but they've definitely proven to be a very good size in there own right. No more phablets for me.

Posted via Android Central App

When I bought the OG evo on release everyone talked about how huge the 4.3 inch screen was.

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As an owner of the Note 2 I'm not sure I will upgrade. I was hoping for something a bit bigger then a 5.68 phone. I might wait for the Note 4 if these specs are accurate.

Got am LG Optimus G Pro so I think I'm good for the next to years. I find this beer than my note 2.

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Note 3

So far that is the order I might be buying my next phone in.

If the Note 3 pulls and exclusive deal somewhere for the 32GB model I will be just a tad pissy.

I'm pretty sure those of us on Tmo will have the 32 version.Im so glad I get too use my SD Ultra 32GB HC

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If the phone keeps same size with bigger display like rumors suggest I will be selling my note 2 and getting a note 3. Especially if for Sprint it includes the 800 band.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

crap I keep forgetting to add that into my thinking on my next phone. Gotta remember that it needs to have all 3 bands.

I just got the 32GB GS4 on Verizon, great phone (except the ME7 FW crap). This has caught my eye, but will we see 32GB or even 64GB and when will it actually arrive? I figure Verizon will get it at the end of November but if we get 16GB again then forget about it.

So want this phone but also so tired of Samsung's bad radios! They never get as good reception as all the others. Because of this in really falling in love with the LG G2.

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The radio on my note 2 has never given me an issue. I'm sticking with Samsung for now. The lg g2 looks good but I really love my spen and can't wait to see what awesome features the new note 3 will have.

I am with you on that statement all the way up until the SGS3. They got it right there (had 2 different ones on 2 different carriers, 3 total in the house).

Only bad radio I've had from Samsung is the GNex... Which was fixed.... Interesting

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No the fascinate and the Charge I had sucked bad. Verizon was giving people other phones (upgrades) because they were so bad.

They did fix them eventually

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

Ok sorry there is pre GNex Samsung and post GNex Samsung... I hated Samsung pre GNex... Yea they had radio issues then.. Which is bad on a strong network like verizon... But post GNex... Na.. No problems

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If not I'm gone... Same reason I left Htc.... No disrespect to Samsung or Htc.. But after 3yrs+ u get bored... Can't see how people stay with apple year after year... Couldn't do it.. I've had nexus, moto, htc, Samsung... All different interfaces.. Thats what i love about android... Not getting bored... I need a change after 3 Samsungs.. It may be Lg time for me if touchwiz ain't revamped.. Which is unlikely

Posted via Android Central App

And I'm over rooting.. Idk have time to be a beta tester... (cause i know one of you are gonna say to root and flash... Been there too, done with that)

Posted via Android Central App

Same here have tried them all and I will decide on my next phone once all are released like the Htc one maxx, Sony Honami, G note 3 and we have seen the awesome looking LG G2. Unlike other sheep here that will blindly follow a brand saying they are getting this phone when they don't even know what it will have or look like in comparison to other phones lol.

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It will probably be a minor change at best. I don't think Samsung will do any serious changes until 5.0+ comes out. Until then I'm sure they'll only tweak their current UI considering all 4.x.x updates for both TW and stock Google have been tweaks and added features rather than serious overhauls.

But I know what you mean, if I didn't root my current phone (S3) I'd be looking into something other than Samsung because I would've been stuck using the TW interface so long. Not that I don't like it or anything, but change is nice. I won't get another HTC for a while because I had an Evo 3D. I know the One is different but when I use it I can't stop looking at things like the status bar and seeing my old Evo.

LG has a lot of Touchwiz-esque visuals like the notification pulldown being overcrowded and Samsung's backwards approach to the design of the settings menu, but I think overall its different enough to be a contender. Same for other brands which have a more stock looking interface.

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I haven't seen the colors of touchwiz in years. Apex or any other launcher ftw

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

Now why would Samsung do that? Didn't you read the article enough to even realize what phone they are talking about?

Oh yeah, one elitist in every thread. I forgot

I loved my Note 2 but quickly got irritated with how the build quality. I'm sure I had a bad one but the "chrome" band around the edges started separating from the bezel so when I would grip the phone I could hear the plastic squeaking. The volume buttons rattled and the charger port was just not right. It came unplugged so easily. It was bought brand new from Sprint. I sold it and got the HTC One and I'm glad I did. I hope the N3 is better, otherwise I'll hang tight.

Yea.... Wow.. U had it bad... Me: no case no screen protector... No problems... So you either had a bad one.. Lr rough as hell on your phones.... And man i hit the gym and all with my note2... So idk..

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probably cause they didn't change the form factor and after thinning out the bezel that's what they were left with

S4 via Android Central App

Not for me, but nice specs. I do find it interesting to see people own a GN2/phablet (I hate the term too but it works) and have a 7" tablet. What's the point?

Some apps are different on a tablet... I have a particular that i really needed for recording music (acts a a wireless controller/interface for studio sessions) and on my note2 its not the same as on a tablet... Sooo i own a cheap Asus for that reason.... But out side of that.. I agree with u... I found tablets pointless as a note2 owner

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I don't think I could ever go back to a Samsung phone until they work on the build quality and the software, particularly the design. If they did it would be a no brainer but until then I'll stick to HTC and phones Google puts out.

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I can't believe Samsung has the gall to put out such cheap plastic crap on phones they're charging such premium money for.

Forget that! I'm going with the HTC One Max or the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Since I got my Note2 in Dec I stopped using my Nexus 7. The inch and a half doesnt make too much difference. Also it seems weird to have to hotspot the nexus from the Note2 when not in WIFI coverage.

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I used to love my Notes. The s4 showed me that my sweet spot for the screen is
5 inches. It seems like now I notice most Note owners are women?

What??? Most Note owners are men... Lmao.. LeBron James is the face of this phone because 1..he is a super star 2. Its a man of mans phone

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He has a point I have seen women with the note 2 a lot but they use it as a tablet more than a phone.

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Note2 & S3 owner here...both excellent devices. Note3 raises the bar again...with faster chipset, and more RAM while retaining the pen and excellent camera.

Note3 FTW...

Samsung...TAKE MY EFFING $$ !!

1.8 ghz? Will somebody smarter than me explain why this would be a smaller processor than the g2 coming up? Can I assume that the # doesn't mean much?

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Exynos 5420's 1.8Ghz cores are 4 A15 cores, they are faster than Snapdragon 800 's 4 Krait 400 cores at the same clock(Instruction per clock of A15 are higher than Krait 400), Krait 400s run at higher clocks(2.3Ghz) so they might end up about equal. The same reason Exynos 5410's 4 A15 Core at 1.6Ghz(GS4) are just as fast if not faster than S600's 4 Krait 300 at 1.9Ghz(GS4)

You can't just compare Ghz if the CPU/GPU core in question are on different micro-architectures( A15 vs Krait 400 vs Krait 300) due to IPC(Instruction per clock) differences.

In the Korean market, the Exynos on Samsung Galaxy S4 was having MAJOR issues with OVER HEATING and STUTTERING PERFORMANCE. Samsung's hardware might be top notch, but their Exynos SoC has been a half-baked buggy piece of sh**.

I'd much rather have the more relaible stable Snapdragon 800.

Dog it's clear u hate Samsung.. And that's you opinion... But damn!!! U came into a note 3 post just to talk ishh post after post...

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its not smaller per se, that is just the clock speed of the processor. Yeah that number does not mean a whole lot after awhile, and higher clock speeds can use up more battery.

It always killed me when someone would brag about overclocking their phone in one thread and complain about battery in another.

This phone is going to be a true beast. Hopefully Google will come out with a badass Nexus or this will be my next phone easily.

But, but will it lag like the s4? I also assume the bootloader will be locked.

Ill either get this or the nexus 5 to replace my note 2.

If it comes with same cheap plastic design as the previous Notes / Galaxy S3,4, I'm done with this phone. Also, the Exynos processors have been very problematic on the Galaxy S4 in Korea. I'd rather have the more reliable Snap Dragon 800.

yeah I think you have said that a few times in the thread. Say what you want about the plastic (I wish it were rubberized)but it doesnt crack or shatter. I would love the design of the One with the software (not touchwiz per se) of Samsung, but it isn't in the cards yet.

There is no denying that Samsung makes damn nice phones (overall package)

Dude is a hater with nothing more to do but troll a Samsung poat... Hell i am a htc fan too but...I've had as many htc as Samsung... They both Have their pros and cons... Ultimately I like Samsungs software more and htc hardware... Other than cameras.. . But this guy's a true hatter.. Sad part is people like this are not true android fans.. Cause if so you find the good on every major OEM

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I really, really, really hope they put a dedicated camera button on this one. One that opens as fast as it does on those Nokia Lumia Windows 8 phones, and without you having to wake the phone to do it. I have the Note II and even the "open from lockscreen" feature is too slow to do what I need sometimes.

I honestly hate two things about Samsung. The first is just a big is too friggin' big? I mean they claim they dont use on screen buttons like Google wants them to use because it cuts down on the screen real estate. Really? We aren't watching a movie screen people! If 4.5" ain't good enough then go boot up or TV or PC for crying out loud.

Now, I do not like the fact Samsung is addicted to amoled displays. They are organic and although CAN be helpful for battery savings....they almost never are...

They're too punchy. Period. Some may like it but not I. Lastly....

Their use of on screen screen buttons are driving me insane!! It looks like shite!!! And they are constantly being activated by glancing touches!! WTF? There's no where to hold it to "comfortably" watch a movie.

I know someone's gonna lambast me but oh well. Otherwise I really love their devices...except that damned touch wiz! Gimme vanilla android or CM 10.1.2 ANYDAY....

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I honestly hate two things about Samsung. The first is just a big is too friggin' big? I mean they claim they dont use on screen buttons like Google wants them to use because it cuts down on the screen real estate. Really? We aren't watching a movie screen people! If 4.5" ain't good enough then go boot up or TV or PC for crying out loud.

Now, I do not like the fact Samsung is addicted to amoled displays. They are organic and although CAN be helpful for battery savings....they almost never are...

They're too punchy. Period. Some may like it but not I. Lastly....

Their use of on screen screen buttons are driving me insane!! It looks like shite!!! And they are constantly being activated by glancing touches!! WTF? There's no where to hold it to "comfortably" watch a movie.

I know someone's gonna lambast me but oh well. Otherwise I really love their devices...except that damned touch wiz! Gimme vanilla android or CM 10.1.2 ANYDAY....

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Good thing no one is making you buy it... huh...???? Its just an option for people who do like it... I don't think they're attempting to just piss u off ya know...

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The Note series isn't intended for the average phone buyer. It's a productivity device.

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I would love to get rid of the physical and capacitive buttons and put the buttons onscreen. I think the screen is big enough where having a black bar on the bottom won't impact navigating the phone.

Also, it probably is running 4.3 to take advantage of that new low energy Bluetooth thing, maybe to use with the Samsung gear? It'll be interesting to see how they distinguish the phone and make it unique, because while the specs are very nice, they certainly aren't anything that made me go "wow that can be in a phone?!"

I have the note 2 awesome device. Looking more forward to the samsung smart watch.

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I really hope Samsung use some of that fancy flexible screen technology in the Note 3. They showed some real impressive mockups last year.

I honestly can wish enough that we get the Exynos instead of the Snapdragon. Not only will it have higher CPU performance, massively higher GPU performance, and better battery-life efficiency, it will include a Wolfson DAC, which is a must-have for me to purchase the phone.

I honestly can wish enough that we get the Exynos instead of the Snapdragon. Not only will it have higher CPU performance, massively higher GPU performance, and better battery-life efficiency, it will include a Wolfson DAC, which is a must-have for me to purchase the phone.

I'll let the sheep do the testing for me like they did last year. I've bought some really shitty Samsung phones over the years and the Note II has been my only good experience with Samsung.

I'd like to know if it's going to have an IR blaster? That would be fun to use in stores that sell tv's.

Also, 20+ variants of the S4 doesn't make me want to run out and get stuck with the first version for 2 years either.

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I really hope VZW gets atleast the 32GB option from the start. Hopefully they don't take so long to release the phone also.

My List
Hardware: Note3>G2>S4>One>Nexus5
Software: Nexus5>Note3>S4>One>G2

If the Note 3 is priced at $300 and the G2 priced at $200, I think i'll go with the G2 and either load up a new UI app like Nova which I do now on my S3 or root and custom rom it. I can fix the software issues but there is nothing I can do to make the hardware better. While I hate the plastic, I typically have a rubberized thin case anyway so I guess it doesn't matter too much. Not sure where the HTC One Max might fit but a 5.9" screen would be way too big for me. I'm not even sure the Note3 won't be too big for my general use since the Note 2 pushes the line for me.

I owned the Note 1....Love the Note 2..... but is it just me? The note 3 isn't even out yet and it seems to be shrinking!

Going to be a monster..hopefully the outcry over the continued cheap look and feel of the S 4 has prompted Samsung to do scenting about it but they probably have not had time. Fixing Touchwiz should be a top priority too with it's dated look and fetters that don't work or barely work like air anything.

In most respects I like the Note concept and Samsung. But I'm wondering if Samsung are right to stick with this screen technology? The best LCD screens seem to be better in daylight. What do people think?

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Imagine a 5.68 inch phone running AOSP Android. Damn the digitizer though. Samsung makes some neat software for their Note series. Still like to see the hardware. I loved the Note 2.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah if it has the sweet bells n whistles, and the awesome screen that's great, but if it's cheap plastic all glossy like a toy. I'll pass. I need that build quality. For the whole package to even make me think about changing from my nex 4. HTC needs to make another nexus soon.