Looks like Android's Facebook app is getting ready for an update, according to some screen shots leaked to Engadget. Codenamed "Katana" (which was, for as long as we can remember, always been the code name for the app -- it's in the com.facebook.katana package name), navigation, menus and search are getting revamped, and check-ins may get their own standalone icon. 

No word, exactly, on when it will drop, or how long it'll take the inevitable bugfix update to follow.

Source: Engadget

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Dinehtah says:

Refresh its right....bout every 2 seconds....lol. Ah, Facebook app, you suck on so many levels.

miller7796 says:

Well said!

lorcha says:

Yeah, seriously. Does this update fix the Force Close every time you try to update your status bug? Because that one makes the app pretty useless for me.

It's about time, I hate the current UI. The mobile website looks so much nicer/cleaner. Maybe they'll add in some push notifications while they're at it too.

El Jefe says:

There is a fix for push notifications & I can vouch that it works.


All you have to do is just log into the Facebook app on a Blackberry, then log out. Then clear the app data on the Android app & when you log back in then enable notifications, it will work. I have been getting INSTANT push notifications ever since I did this.

The hardest part is finding someone who still uses a Blackberry. HAHA!

GPOWW says:

You can log into a iPhone or iTouch etc as well and it works you also have to make sure you go under the application settings and turn the notifications on as well because they are set on silent automatically. I get my FB notifications before they even show up on the Web!

El Jefe says:

Cool. I didn't know it worked by logging into an iOS device too. Good to know as they are a lot easier to find.

I wonder why the Android app needs permissions for those platforms to work properly on ours? Strange.

msgnyc says:

Im kool with Facebook giving their mobile app a refresh. What I'm not happy about is that from what I seen/heard, it will also be tossing another app icon "Nearby" into the app drawer along with the Facebook Icon.

Why cant apps have a single icon for the app? Google Maps, I'm looking at you with your Maps, Navigation, Latitude, and Places Icons just for the one app.... I was so glad they took removed Street View from the app drawer.

Also, hate Widgets, Live Wallpapers, etc that toss their Icon into the app tray that do nothing but bring up an about screen or something of the sorts. Why must you clutter the app drawer for no reason?

El Jefe says:

I agree & that is exactly one of the reasons why I use LauncherPro. I just "hide" the apps that I don't want to see in my app tray from showing up.

BrandoHD says:

This app is one of the most popular apps in the market, unfortunately it is poorly written and is a battery hog especially to those who don't know how to properly configure it

frmorrison says:

I will take a buggy version over the current one, the current is that bad.

turg says:

What a waste, nobody uses Facebook anymore.

arcadelion says:

I doubt it, thanks the the failure Google+ has become.
Long live the Zuck!

SeeK says:

An update. Great. Not like WP7's Facebook implementation is already better than Android's ever was.

saeen7 says:

This app is crap. It's like using Facebook Web on Facebook App instead of browser.

It looks like the ios version, which I happen to like quite a bit. And while the current one has its problems, compare it to the very first android facebook app...

wslytoy says:

The current app leaves a lot to be desired... an UPGRADE is definitely in order, not just an update.

Salacon says:

I'm very much in support of the app getting a refresh. I do not like the current state of the app with its mobile site feel and look; hopefully this refresh makes it a much better app. I wish the Messenger app would get built into the regular Facebook app, too, so the separate app isn't needed.

popartist says:

The FB mobile web site has this now I noticed this morning. I like it.

Woohoo, maybe they'll finally catch us up to the iOS app...

ulnek says:

weird that they keep revamping this app but they never address one of the big problems - spotty notificiations. new features keep getting added but you can never get notified properly. how is it that non-official facebook apps can notify better than the official one? they should just hire the people coding them because the ones they have clearly can't do it.