Talk Mobile launch party

Holy crap, that picture is going to get annoying after a couple seconds. But I don't care. It sums up Thursday night's Talk Mobile 2013 Launch Party pretty succinctly. (And it's a great example of the Google+ "Auto Awesome" animated gif feature.)

A good 600 or so of our closest smartphone friends, from all platforms and all walks of life, at a little club off Times Square. An official recap video is in the works, I hear, but some quick thoughts for now:

  • Ask me what my favorite part of this job is, and you might come away surprised. It's not the gadgets. It's not the travel. It's not even the awesome friends I only get to see a few times a year. No, getting the hell out of the office (whether it's in my house or a conference room or whatever) and meeting all you folks is what makes this all worth it. It's the perfect reminder that we don't write in a vacuum. 
  • The general consensus at the party was that most folks there rocked Android phones, and that a good number of them were BlackBerry converts. No great surprise, I suppose, and BlackBerry's sponsorship of Talk Mobile makes even more sense when you think about it that way.
  • That probably also explains why folks seem to be more excited about the Q10 than the Z10.
  • Spot the dude in the picture wearing Google Glass? He and's Russell Holly were rock stars in their own right Thursday night.
  • Not usually my scene, but Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe -- aka The Dolls -- kicked some serious ass Thursday.
  • Was having dinner Wednesday night with John P, Cali Lewis and Simon Sage when what do I spy with my little eye? It's Lloyd in the giant LG ad in Times Square. I might or might not have sqee'd a little.
  • Speaking of blatant name-dropping, I briefly got to meet heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield on the flight from Atlanta to New York. Very gracious dude to take pics with anyone who asked. (At least while I was there.) Told me the last time he was able to walk around unnoticed was 1983.
  • And very cool to meet WCBS' Lynda Lopez at the party Thursday night through another mutual radio friend. (Lynda, if you don't know, is the younger sister of this Lopez.)

But like I said, the coolest part of the event is meeting folks like eggylabsderpingbear and supermario88, and e_kathy23 and Patrick Hill and Je-Andy, and everyone else who took time out of their week to come say hi. Thanks for being there. And thanks for reading.

Talk Mobile takes the week off this week as we prep the next round of content and fix a few hiccups. (Plus we don't want anyone to burn out.) "Week 2" as we call it internally takes a different focus, as well the eight weeks thereafter. It's been a blast seeing hundreds of comments from all of our sites in one place. Can't wait to get Week 2 out the door.

So, back to work we go.

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SlimJ87D says:

Was this taken with a Galaxy S4?

popartist says:

Although we did not get the chance to speak, Phil, it was great seeing you and everyone else in the TalkMobile family in person. And it was a great party! Was not expecting it to be such a PARTY though. :) Although I have no intention to pick it up for myself (HTC One all the way!), it nice to be able to play with the Q10, I can help my boss with it now. :) I was impressed by the diversity of phones there too, generally in NYC you see about 75-80% iPhones on the street. Nice to see you with a One too. ;)

was this taken with the HTC one?


Looks like the sausage ratio was off. lol j/k

droidhead_1 says:

I was thinking the same thing. Jez...

TheDu9du says:

Third to that.

mwara244 says:

Could of been a gay bar, then the sausage ratio is a positive = P

larry greg says:

Not that anything is wrong with that. :)

you are right i was thinking the same LOL its sausage party :)

infg3570 says:

lol _ was thinking the same exact thing!!! LOLOLOL

And here I thought you guys had LeVar Burton in attendance :-(.

Congrats on this get together, it looks like it was a wonderful time. I wish I lived closer to New York to have been able to make it.

Looking forward to this weeks #tm13 topics to see what direction the discussion goes in.

fightcrazy says:

Where are all the women??? I see a bunch of guys dancing around but very few women.

droidhead_1 says:

Is that an android in your pocket...?

kevinnugent says:

This does look like a gay event, though. :)

HawraA says:

where my ladies at?

JahmeZZ says:

Phil, It was a pleasure meeting you, Rene, Kevin & Georgia. You guys are like rockstars to me and the party was off the HOOK! Again Thank You!!

planoman says:

was going to comment on the absence of XX chromosomes but I see that has already been noted...if it had been an iPhone out!

popartist says:

There were women there (like myself) but as with everything else tech-related it was like 4:1 (maybe 4.5:1) men to women.

Quikstep says:

I can see myself in that gif!

To those of you complaining about lack of girls, bring some! (I brought 2)

Mary Wow says:

Haha ouch.. when that pic was taking there was what 4 girls and rest guys.. pass.

Lolken21 says:

90% sausage fest.

S_C_B says:

All those guys dancing with each other. Looks like a great time!

jmartinbsu says:

So everyone has already commented on the fact it was a Bob Evan's Party.

I guess it just depends on which side of the aisle you're on... Like most of the guys here, the ratio would have been too off for myself. With that kind of ratio maybe instead of a club they should have had some MMA or boxing matches going on >;\

jmartinbsu says:

Hey, on a positive note: At least Lloyd wasn't just stolen from the website and added into the LG billboard to just "represent" android. He was actually tagged to an Androidcentral quote with credit!

Moo Cow says:

"The general consensus at the party was that most folks there rocked Android phones, and that a good number of them were BlackBerry converts"

Honestly? That also describes me. I used to be a big-time BlackBerry user and then finally went to Android when I saw the QWERTY phone that worked for me. At that time, BB was crashing and burning and I wanted something that gave me the versatility in apps I desired with a good physical keyboard, and so Android entered the picture. I have been happy since making the change. Even though I have a soft spot for BB and hope it truly does rebound (I think any phone/company/etc. has the ability to push others and make sure we get the best technology/ideas/etc.), I will probably be Android for some time to come.

stvo says:

Women use android phones too. Were they invited?

Gearu says:

I can see a total of 6 girls in that gif.

joebob2000 says:

You probably forgot the two DJs and the three girls in the lower right corner... The total is closer to 10. Still, wow. You know what girls hate, ridiculous javascript and flash on a comment page that totally screws up the ability to post a reply in a thread. Maybe if the AC crew wasn't so bad at UI dev they could keep the ladies around; they were probably all at the Tumblr party.

infg3570 says:

knockwurst party! Lmfao! Just kidding Phil (couldn't resist). Hope all who attended had a great time. :)

NoreenD says:

I'm a lady and would have attended if this was in South Florida! (So that would have been one more female in the crowd!) Looks like I missed one heck of a fun party and crowd!

Sam_And_Roid says:

One of the best times i've had , EVER!! This gif is definitely misleading because that place was packed with women some, very beautiful ones too. Including the DJs! There should be a party like this every week, Phil make it happen.

barkomatic says:

Since I live close by, I decided to go and I enjoyed it for the most part. I should have brought earplugs though! It was nice to meet Phil.

Do all of those guys think that a girl is going to make her way through the huge crowd of men and dance with them? Very strange looking.

supasieu says:

bunch of guys dancing lol.