Google's Project Glass
You know it's gonna happen.

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BenderPL says:

I don't like where it's going... It seems cool in the first place but imagine what government agencies like CIA/FBI could do with all that data especially when they can request all the data without real reasons just on ground that someone "might" be a terrorist...

inuchan says:

as long as your not doing anything wrong you should not have any fear

foxbat121 says:

So, you never drive over the speed limit in your life? You never stared at other girls other than your wife or girlfriend? Doing something wrong is very subjective. All it takes is another Joe McCarthy or Jay Edgar Hoover in the Gov't to turn your life upside down.

The hell are you talking about?

foxbat121 says:

Exactly. The 'as long as I'm doing nothing wrong, Gov't can spy on me as much as they want' atidue is what's wrong.

that's what the stupidest peops i know say !!

I think more people would get hit by cars than run in to stuff...

Stagger0 says:

This will definitely happen, unless it fits over normal glasses. I refuse to buy contacts, or get laser eye surgery for these.