Context is Evernote's premium augmented intelligence feature

Evernote is adding what it calls "augmented intelligence" to its Android app with a feature called Context. Available to Evernote premium subscribers, Context essentially adds relevant contextual information as you're typing in your notes. These tidbits of information could be culled from existing notes that either were shared with you or were created in the past, along with external sources, like from The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and Pando Daily.

Context informs your work right as you're doing it by connecting you to the most relevant information in your account and in the outside world. Using it is as simple as working the way you normally would. As you write or research in Evernote, pieces of information related to the topic you're working on start flowing in at the bottom of your note.

Additionally, Evernote says that it doesn't share your data with these external sources.

All of our augmented intelligence is performed within the Evernote service. The links we use when sending you to a publisher's content do not contain any identifiable information.

Source: Evernote