Best keyboards for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes 2022

There are many choices when it comes to finding the best Chromebook keyboard for your laptop or other Chrome OS devices. The best keyboard for your setup comes down to a few things; including space, desk layout, and of course, your hands. 

While the selection of keyboards with Chrome OS layouts is limited, there are some great options for students and professionals alike that work great with Chrome OS shortcuts that can save you time. Luckily, just about every keyboard will work with Chrome OS, so if you've just set up your new Chromebook and want a better typing experience, you have plenty of options. Many of these keyboards can also work with an Apple Mac, iPad, or Windows PC with the tap of a button.

Type faster with better accuracy on these Chrome OS keyboards

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It comes down to you

You can get a keyboard for just about any set of preferences, whether you want something tailored for fast typing, comfort, or want something cheap that gets the job done. If you want the best compatibility, picking a keyboard with Chrome OS function keys can help ease your transitions, especially if you come to know Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts.

Chrome OS on the best Chromebooks does things differently from macOS or Windows, so picking a keyboard designed for those environments can lead to some function keys not being mapped as expected. 

While a few companies have been making Chrome OS-specific keyboards, the market for Windows and Mac keyboards is still much larger, especially since most of the devices running Chrome OS are laptops. You can still use these keyboards, but you may need to memorize some new keys or key combinations to make the most of your computer.

For ergonomics, Logitech's K860 offers adaptability whether you're sitting or standing at your desk. It's also built well enough to last for years, so you don't need to relearn a new layout too often. While most Chromebook keyboards trend toward compact laptop-style keys, these keyboards aren't ideal if you spend a long time working from your computer.

If you love a traditional keyboard layout but still want a quality typing experience, the Logitech K580 gets just about everything right with plenty of connectivity options, comfortable keys, and solid build quality. The phone holder is also great for multitaskers who want to have all of their devices within reach. Not only that, the Chrome OS layout makes it easy to transition from mobile Chromebook usage and at-home usage.