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Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S4 sign up page now live


If this is anything like the Thunderbolt release, we will receive word Verizon is selling the S4 via Email approximately 10 Days after they start selling the phone.

Same here. I bought a Note 2 on a whim, not expecting to like it as much as I do. It is simply the best phone I've ever owned, period. I am not the least bit excited about the S4 anymore.

However, if I still had my S3 or any other phone besides the Note 2, I would be drooling over this. No doubt Samsung will completely dominate the market again this year. They have a product for (almost) all tastes. The only thing missing is a game changing sub-5" device, and I am not convinced the S4 Mini is that product. But time will tell.

I per-ordered a 32gb GS3 from Verizon and have had it since release day. I'm perfectly happy with it and the fact that Samsung has said that every thing the GS4 has that isn't hardware dependent will be coming over to the GS3 and Note 2 could hold me over for another year. I just don't see the hardware upgrades to the GS4 worth the asking price since I'm on unlimited data and would have to pay full price to keep it. Of course my 14 year old son is really wanting me to get the GS4 since he is in position to get my next old phone and his Dinc is getting long in the tooth. :)


5 more days, T-Mobile!!!
I just got back from driving around Connecticut.
Drove from Derby to West Hartford and a bunch of places
in between, T-Mobile has a good signal, and I can
get a new smartphone without being punished!!!

Thank you Jerry for giving that man his props for doing his homework.People trip me out geting on droidforums or other sites asking,should I go with this carrier or should I get this phone,news flash-DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!!rant over Holla!!!

I wish T_Mobile was good around me. I work construction and jump around from job site to job site and it seems like the only people that have good signals all the time are those of us with Verizon. With how much more we pay we should though but I do wish I had a cheaper option.

Did you happen to swing by the western part of CT? I'm in the Southbury, Middlebury, Woodbury area and wonder if there was service here. Thinking T-Mobile is the way to go, but worried about service.

I remember signing up on a page like this for the Droid Bionic...I'm still waiting for the email saying its available.

Thanks, but no thanks Verizon. I am paying ETF on several devices and just keep my one data device since its useless on any other network. Result is about $100 a month savings :) See ya.

"Laggy OS" that's news to me, I never heard
anyone refer to the Galaxy S3 as "laggy".
It does have a 1.5ghz dual-core processor
and 2GB's of RAM, sure it runs just fine, I know
quite a few people who have the S3, NONE
of them have any complaints.

The stock TouchWiz launcher does lag a bit. Use a decent launcher like Apex, Nova or Holo Launcher, and lag disappears.

Ive had my GS3 since launch and have friends with them and this phone isnt laggy but then again I have used NOVA since day one and have talked a few of my friends to use it as well.


I have to say, that wallpaper is one I have not seen in the leaked sgs4 wallpers on xda. Anyone know where to get that one?

Also, though the glossy plastic case is unfortunate, I really am impressed at how thin the bezel is on the sides and also the top and bottom. Really makes the screen pop-out!

Definitely waiting for the Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile only. Anyone waiting on a Verizon Galaxy S4 should look elsewhere definitely. Who wants a device filled with silly unnecessary bloatware and internally altered stripped out features. NO THANKS CRAPPY VERIZON.

"Who wants a device filled with silly unnecessary bloatware"
1. Bloatware which can be disabled straight from the Settings menu since Android 4.0....
2. The Verizon S3 has about the same amount of "bloatware" as any other US carrier version, and you can in no way know what bloatware the S4 will/won't have. Go check your facts before you spew such nonsense.

I think I'm still waiting for the email from Verizon about the Thunderbolt release. And the iPhone release. And the DNA release. And...

I'm pretty sure that when you sign up for notifications the only thing you get is spam from them and your request for something in particular goes into some deep, dark hole.