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During yesterdays earnings report, Three UK CEO Dave Dyson also spoke of his carriers plans for their as yet un-announced LTE network. Three has picked up spectrum from both rival carrier EE, as well as the recent spectrum auctions, on which their future LTE network will be based. According to Dyson, we shouldn't expect to see LTE from Three anytime before Q4 2013, but that they are in "no rush for LTE." 

Three currently offers an "Ultrafast" network via HSPA+, and customer response has been excellent. In our own real world tests, in certain areas Ultrafast can match, and even beat, EE's LTE for download speeds so you can understand Three's relaxed attitude towards 4G. 

They're also purposely waiting until the other two of the big four carriers -- O2 and Vodafone -- launch their own LTE offerings. Dyson went on to say that Three is content to see how these two position their 4G offerings, before looking at how they offer their own. 

4G is definitely the buzzword in this day and age, but Three isn't losing out too much by waiting. Besides offering some extremely fast HSPA+ data speeds, they also offer a wide range of all-you-can-eat data plans. Ultrafast will lead into 4G, and the first LTE markets will be where Three currently sees the most demand for mobile internet. 

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Three UK launching 4G service during Q4 2013, carrier in 'no rush' for LTE


Someone needs to bring true 4g LTE to australia... I think Huawei and Optus are working something out though.

Teltra's LTE is a paltry 20mbps so it doesn't count obv.

R.I.P. Three Australia, we miss you.

The 50mbps down I was getting on telstra lte was doing me just fine. Missing the speeds dearly in the UK. I'm living in w6 and travelling to the city for work and I'm not overly impressed with current ultra fast offering. Definitely the best option here though.

Im with 3 UK, was looking forward to getting LTE on my Note 2 N7105. Looks like I'll have to wait a good while longer yet. I do have unlimited DC-HSPA+ though, but Its looking like I'll already have a new device (probably the note 3) before LTE arrives on the network.