If your Galaxy S22 is having trouble sending messages, here's why

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Google Messages
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Google Messages (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Some Galaxy S22 owners on AT&T or T-Mobile in the U.S. might experience a delay when trying to send messages upon initial setup of the phone.
  • AT&T and T-Mobile have their own RCS servers, so data needs to be transferred from Google's servers to your carrier's.
  • This issue does not affect Verizon customers, as they will still use Google's servers.
  • Google has a webpage that'll manually remove your phone number from its servers if you're having trouble.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 family ships with Google Messages as the default messaging app for the first time in history, which enables better messaging through a technology called RCS. While most Android users who download and use Google Messages connect directly to Google's servers to send messages, AT&T and T-Mobile Galaxy S22 units will connect to their carrier's servers, instead.

While this is made to be seamless and should require no user intervention, it seems that transporting existing profiles from Google's servers to either T-Mobile or AT&T's is taking a long time for some folks, as per 9to5Google and several users on Reddit.

If you're having any kind of messaging issues — or if you just got a Galaxy S22 and want to ensure everything runs smoothly — Google has a quick tutorial that'll get you going.

All you'll need to do is head to that link, enter your phone number, and Google will manually remove your profile from its servers. Then, you'll open up settings in the Messages app and turn chat back on. From there, your phone will automatically register with either AT&T or T-Mobile's servers — depending on which of the two carriers you use — and you'll be able to send messages without issue. If you've ever switched from an iPhone to Android, this topic will sound a little familiar.

Verizon customers don't need to do anything as they'll still be using Google's servers for the foreseeable future.

With the launch of the Galaxy S22, Google and Samsung debuted a few bespoke versions of popular Google apps for the latest Galaxy phones. That included Google Messages — which was designed to help increase the adoption rate of RCS messaging — as well as Google Duo Live Sharing.

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