T-Mobile reaches goal of 100% renewable energy ahead of other US carriers

T-Mobile RE100
T-Mobile RE100 (Image credit: T-Mobile)

What you need to know

  • T-Mobile is the first U.S. telecom to reach 100% renewable energy, following an ambitious goal set in 2018.
  • T-Mobile has reached this goal through investment in wind and solar to account for all of the energy it uses.
  • T-Mobile has also upgraded retail stores, data centers, and cell sites with more energy-efficient equipment.

T-Mobile has made good on its 2018 commitment to reach 100% renewable energy becoming the first U.S. carrier to do so. T-Mobile announced (opens in new tab) that it had reached its RE100 goal through a strategy that included eight virtual power agreements, 19 retail agreements, one Green Direct program, and unbundled Renewable Energy Certificates. Rather than directly connecting all of its equipment to a renewable source, this has allowed T-Mobile to invest in enough wind and solar projects to account for all used energy.

T-Mobile's CEO Mike Sievert said:

T-Mobile put a stake in the ground as the first telecom to commit to going all in on renewable energy by the end of 2021, and now we're the first to hit this milestone years ahead of others. This was no easy task, but we set a goal and we achieved it. Today, thanks to amazing efforts from a team who was unwavering in our commitment to reduce our impact on the planet, the Un-carrier is powering America's largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network with 100% clean electricity.

T-Mobile solar and wind projects

Source: T-Mobile (Image credit: Source: T-Mobile)

T-Mobile is supporting solar and wind projects across the country bringing benefits to communities with clean energy as well as creating jobs in the area. T-Mobile also notes that the carrier supports 37 community solar projects which support greening local grids providing more than 2.1 million MWh over 25 years in Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, and Oregon.

This is also in addition to upgrades to many of T-Mobile's locations, including retail stores, data centers, and cell sites. Retail stores have been switched to smart thermostats and Energy Stay certified LED lighting. There have also been upgrades to data centers with upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems, and cell sites have received optimized air management to keep equipment cool.

T-Mobile notes that it's not done with plans to add more renewable energy projects to match future usages and explore onsite solar infrastructure. T-Mobile also says that it plans to share new commitments for decarbonization later in the year.

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  • Good for them!
  • I quite literally do NOT care about renewable energy or a company's efforts to use it. I just don't. That has ZERO to do with why I purchase a company's products or services. I'm not impressed.
  • They're paying money for the privilege to say they're getting "renewable" energy. In reality they're getting whatever the power company feeds them. Renewable, green energy cannot power everything. Nuclear is the only solution that works. There can never be enough solar, wind, etc to make a huge difference.
  • You wouldn't say that if you truly understood the amount of energy Earth gets from the sun Daily.
  • So if everyone would follow T-Mobiles lead the entire country would reach the goal of 100% renewable energy while 80% of energy produced would be from fossil fuel and nuclear. But the renewable energy companies would be rich as hell. We've got some real geniuses out there.
  • Wind power is a huge killer of wildlife. Has anyone ever seen those big stupid things in fields? Nuclear is the answer, especially with the updated safety protocols.
  • I rate this as 100% misinformation. It is not possible for any company to actually fuel their data centers 100% with renewable energy, because these buildings are still grid attached, so they cannot discriminate electrons/protons of solar/wind from coal/gas. Ignore the marketing fluff, they still use a buttload of coal power, especially in the home country of Germany.
  • As I wrote, T-Mobile is accounting for its energy usage through investments in renewable energy. It’s not misinformation, you’re misreading.