Mint Mobile free trial: how to get it and should you subscribe afterwards?

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If you're looking to ditch the traditional wireless lifestyle and try out a prepaid carrier, you could do a lot worse than Mint Mobile. Soon to be officially owned by T-Mobile, Mint Mobile uses that carrier's massive network to provide excellent wireless coverage at a much lower cost. They're also incredibly flexible, with plans starting as low as $15/month for 5GB of data, and they offer a number of great deals if you'd like to save even more cash.

That being said, many folks would rather try out a service before committing their hard-earned money to a new carrier. After all, one of the benefits of an MVNO carrier is that you aren't locked down by any complicated contract and you're free to change your plan or cancel at any time. Luckily, Mint Mobile offers a free trial that lets you try out its service for a full week with zero risk. But how does it work? How can you sign up? And is Mint Mobile really worth it? This guide will answer all of those questions and more. 

Mint Mobile: Try it free for 7 days

Mint Mobile: Try it free for 7 days

Recently purchased by T-Mobile, Mint uses that carrier's massive 5G network to deliver outstanding coverage with flexible plans that you can pay for in three, six, or 12-month increments. New users can try out the service for a full week at no cost, plus if you decide to join, you'll be given access to several Mint Mobile deals so you can save even more cash. 

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Does Mint Mobile offer a free trial?

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Yes! Like many other prepaid carriers, Mint Mobile lets you try out their service for free for seven days. It works right alongside your existing service so you don't need to worry about any interruptions or hassle, and you can sign up directly on your Mint-compatible smartphone in minutes. 

The trial works by giving you an eSIM that allows you to have a separate phone number with its own wireless service that runs right alongside your existing carrier. All you need to do is submit your phone information on Mint's official free trial landing page and wait for an email that'll give you further steps on activating the service. Of course, if you'd rather do things the old-fashioned way, you can also request a physical SIM card that you can swap in and out to your preference. 

The Mint Mobile free trial gives you 250MB of data, 250 texts, and 250 minutes of call time, which should give you a pretty good idea of whether or not the carrier is going to be the right fit for you. After the trial period is up, you can choose to transfer your existing phone number, keep the new one, or cancel your account and go your merry way — all from within the Mint Mobile app.

Since T-Mobile's formal acquisition of Mint in March 2023, it's hard to say whether the carrier will keep the free trial around forever, so it's worth jumping at this opportunity while you still can. 

Mint Mobile plans

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What are the Mint Mobile plans?

Mint Mobile plans are broken down by how much data you think you'll use in any given month. You can prepay for service in three, six, or 12-month intervals, with the savings increasing the bigger you go. In other words, although service starts at $15/month (for 5GB of data), you're really looking at a minimum payment of $45 since you can't pay month-to-month. Check out the table below to see how the pricing shakes out depending on how much data you want. 

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Header Cell - Column 0 5GB15GB20GBUnlimited (40GB)
3 months (new customers)$15/mo. ($45)$20/mo. ($60)$25/mo. ($75)$30/mo. ($90)
3 months (existing customers)$25/mo. ($75)$35/mo. ($105)$45/mo. ($135)$40/mo. ($120)
6 months$20/mo. ($120)$25/mo. ($150)$35/mo. ($210)$35/mo. ($210)
12 months$15/mo. ($180)$20/mo. ($240)$25/mo. ($300)$30/mo. ($360)

All four data plans come with unlimited talk and text, 5G and 4G LTE data, and free calling to Mexico and Canada. You'll even get a free mobile hotspot and the ability to do just about everything service-related from the Mint Mobile app. Keep in mind that, despite the name, the Unlimited plan only offers up to 40GB of 5G/4G LTE data, after which you'll experience lower speeds. 

Does Mint Mobile offer any other deals?

Absolutely! Mint Mobile generally offers a ton of great deals, especially if you're a new customer or willing to pick up a new phone. Keep reading for a few of the most tempting Mint offers that are active right now. This list changes on a regular basis, so feel free to check back later to see what's new. 

Google Pixel 7a: Get $100 off, plus six months of Mint Mobile wireless for FREE

Google Pixel 7a: Get $100 off, plus six months of Mint Mobile wireless for FREE

The Google Pixel 7a was just unveiled on May 10th, and yet you can already save $100 when you purchase the phone alongside any six-month plan at Mint Mobile. The carrier will even throw in six additional months of wireless service for 100% free. 

Google Pixel 7: Get $100 off, plus six months of Mint Mobile wireless for FREE

Google Pixel 7: Get $100 off, plus six months of Mint Mobile wireless for FREE

Just like the Pixel 7a deal above, you can get a $100 discount AND six months of free wireless when you bundle the purchase of the phone with any six month plan. That means you could be getting a year of great T-Mobile coverage alongside one of the best Android phones for as little as 50 bucks per month. The deal is only available while supplies last, so don't wait. 

Not totally sold on Mint Mobile just yet? See how the MVNO fares against the competition in our Mint Mobile vs. Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile vs. Metro by T-Mobile guides. 

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