These are the AT&T phones that will still work after the 3G shutdown

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What you need to know

  • AT&T has published a list of smartphones that will continue to work after it shuts down its 3G network.
  • The company also lets users easily check if their device will be affected.
  • AT&T has scheduled its 3G shutdown for February 2022.

Carriers are moving away from 3G and AT&T is among them. Many people are potentially worried about how the shutdown may affect their phones, so AT&T published an exhaustive list of devices that will still work when the network goes dark.

Att 3g Shutdown Smartphone List Samsung Galaxy

Source: AT&T This is just the first of seven pages of smartphones. (Image credit: Source: AT&T)

As expected, the list includes many of the best Android phones sold today, all separated by manufacturer. The Apple list is pretty small; iPhone 6 and up will remain good to go. Somewhat surprisingly, the Microsoft Lumia 950 is on the list, which means fans of the now-dead Windows Phone can continue on if they so choose.

The list is fairly long, and it may have been easier to list the phones that won't work after the shutdown. However, AT&T does make it a little easier by allowing customers to log into the support page and check the smartphones on their accounts.

The AT&T support page also states that the network shutdown will allow the company "to bring you faster speeds and new features." The company will use the spectrum to help boost its 4G LTE and 5G network.

The 3G shutdown is something that Verizon and T-Mobile are also preparing for to boost their respective networks. T-Mobile will sunset its 3G network towards the beginning of 2022, to the dismay of Dish Network. Verizon's shutdown will occur at the end of 2022, giving its customer's a bit more time to find new smartphones.

Meanwhile, AT&T encourages users that don't find their devices on the list to upgrade their smartphones or visit a store. There are plenty of affordable options for users, especially among the best cheap Android phones. The 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy A32 is currently half off at AT&T and can be had for $150 when purchased on a $5 per month installment plan.

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