Verizon announces new human-assisted GenAI Tools for better customer experience

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What you need to know

  • Verizon gets new AI tools to transform customer experience.
  • They are dubbed "Personal Research Assistant," "Fast Pass" resolution, "Segment of Me," "Problem Solver" and more.
  • These won't replace human jobs but rather assist them to save time and achieve complex tasks.

Verizon announced today (May 14) that it will introduce nifty GenAI tools to transform the customer experience. The company promises that these tools won't replace human jobs but rather assist them in saving time and achieving complex tasks.

"These new tools make it simple to do business with Verizon and help reduce the cognitive load on our store and customer service partners," the company mentioned in its shared press release. First up in the lot is Personal Research Assistant, Verizon's personal assistant technology that promises to help frontline teams serve customers with accurate information by researching thousands of company's resources. These tools are believed to help its employees answer almost all queries that customers raise during support calls effectively and accurately.

Next comes the "Fast Pass" resolution, which claims to save customers precious time. It primarily uses AI to cleverly pair the customer to the relevant department or person quite easily, rather than getting assigned to a general customer representative. Additionally, Personal Shopper/Problem Solver is yet another time-saving tool for customers. It uses AI to instantly analyze a customer's profile and why they are calling. It will work alongside employees and give them a head start.

"Segment of Me" is another AI tool that helps customers get Verizon's personalized, unique offers and products. These can include new plans, product offers, and service upgrades, amongst others. Here, AI is promised to act accurately and proactively for customers regarding what they are looking for. Verizon notes that this increases engagement with customers, "lowered churn," and increases "overall revenue."

Brian Higgins, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Verizon Consumer, also notes, "AI is helping us not just meet expectations, but exceed them by showing our customers we've got their back at every turn."

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