E4GT CM 7.2

It's not anything official, but enterprising Android developer bubby323 has ported CyanogenMod 7.2 to the Sprint Epic 4G Touch.  Yes, 7.2 is Gingerbread and not the Ice Cream Sandwich everyone wants, but CM9 (the ICS-based build number) isn't quite ready for any unsupported devices. We'll manage with Gingerbread for a while longer. 

Using device files from the TeamHacksung Github, bubby and friends have got a semi-complete ROM built and running, and while probably not ready for a daily driver, it's more than complete enough for anyone who wants to test an AOSP-like experience on this hardware.  Notable missing functions include 911 calling (let's hope it isn't an issue similar to the Vibrant), Wimax data, SMS and MMS from the native messaging client, GPS and external SD card mounting.  Early reports seem positive, and users certainly love the freedom from TouchWiz.  The folks are hard at work fixing the bugs and getting all the features up and running, if you're rooted and up to helping test be sure to hit the source link and have a look.

Source: XDA-DevelopersThanks everyone who sent this in!


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Sprint Epic 4G Touch gets unofficial CyanogenMod 7.2 port


From past experiences with bubby323, I highly doubt he did anything related to the porting of AOSP to a device, unless someone else did the work for him...

Something I've been waiting to happen for the Droid Charge for so long. Can't wait for the Nexus to come out. Whats up Imnuts!

Had anyone gotten the update from Sprint/Samsung for theirs yet? I have three of these in the family and nothing so far on all three.


I got it monday morning. 48MB of nothing special lol. It made my bad reception areas OK and now I don't drop calls. But I never did before either so idk if it's a big deal.

The update fixes LOS and a few other tweaks. Like- blue scrolling in menus, updated bluetooth (I think), updated swype, & some other refinements.

Check the forums for the rest!

I'm mad about the swype update! It got rid of the smiley button :-(

Also you have to turn off tips manually, even if you select "never show this again", otherwise it pops up a tip every time you do a little thing that can be corrected.