The Samsung Galaxy Round

This year's gathering of tech giants and press in Berlin might very well see a new Samsung Galaxy Note, as well as new 4K OLED TVs and the Gear Glass headset. It's not surprising that we might see a new Galaxy Note at IFA — after all, it is the event where the previous three iterations of the big-screen stylus-happy smartphone launched.

But what is interesting about the Galaxy Note 4 is that it might come in two versions, and we're not talking about just different processors this time. Nope, Samsung is now rumored to have physically different versions of the Note 4 on tap, according to an unnamed executive of an unnamed Samsung partner in Korea:

"The Note 4 will have two versions ― one with a curved OLED display for niche markets and the other a flat OLED display for mass marketing."

Samsung's toyed around with curved displays before — the Samsung Galaxy Round — but they haven't taken them nearly as seriously as Korean rival LG has with the LG G Flex. A Galaxy Note 4 with a curved display, even if it's one for niche markets, would be a significant statement on Samsung's part, and match up with statements from Samsung executives that the next Note might have an all new form factor.

In addition to a flat Galaxy Note 4 and a curved Galaxy Note 4, Samsung is also reported to be bringing their Google Glass competitor Gear Glass (oh, we hope that creative name is just a placeholder) and an expanded array of connected home accessories and appliances to IFA. The see applications such as home security and energy management as offering "high growth potential" beyond just appliances.

Source: The Korea Times; Via: SamMobile


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Samsung tipped to reveal Galaxy Note 4 with curved screen and Gear Glass at IFA 2014


Samsung needs to concentrate on making more apps for they're tizen os. I have the gear 2 which I love but I need more app apps! If they're planning to introduce the glasses it doesn't seem like there interested to focus on one thing. I love Samsung but sometimes I feel like they're just worried about being the first instead of the best.

First time I have ever read that Samsung needs to put MORE apps onto anything lol

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Really tizen? We don't need one more stupid OS from a company who makes crappy software in the first place.
We have Apple, Microsoft and Google who do an awesome job.

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You should have followed that statement up with "Get off my lawn you darn hoodlums!"

No, we don't have 'enough' OSes, or 'enough' manufacturers, or whatever else you think we shouldn't have more choices for. If Samsung wants to give us another OS choice, then God bless 'em.

As a owner of the Gear One, you should be ready to accept what you have. Look at it like this... Does it tell time correctly? Then everything else is gravy. Besides your phone is for apps. All the apps you need came with the watch. What else would you like to do with it that it doesn't already do?

It sounds like all you really care is for the Gear to tell time correctly, if so a $5 watch can probably do just that. So the question is are the other things really worth rest of the cost for the Gear? I guess someone does put value into the 'creep cam'. But for the most part Gear owners just like the attention they get and maybe that's worth the cost itself.

Were you the Samsung customer service rep we talked to when our fascinate was updated three times in a little over a week and ended up with broken kies, we were told that since we could still use it as a phone it wasn't broken and they weren't going to do anything about it

It doesn't make sense for a note device. Maybe the curved one will drop the stylus. Might be hard to support that on a curved surface anyway.

Personally I'll wait for the Mini-Note 4 Prime Premium Advance++. It should be the best for at least a couple of weeks until the +++ comes out.

I see no point to a curved screen, but i'm sure someone will find it useful. I have a Note 3, but I want something bigger and will probably wait for the next version of the Galaxy Mega 6.3.

I want to like Samsung. I really do. I'm almost tempted to exchange the M8 for the S5. Sometimes, less is more. In this case less UI is more memory.

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I very well understand memory management. I also understand that Touch Wiz heavy UI absorbs alot of GB storage a well as RAM resources more than Sense...

So what's your point?

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Storage yes, that is because of the crappy coding on some of...well everything from what I see.

RAM is reserved, not used. If an app needs the RAM TW will free it up. Of course with more features, more RAM is going to be reserved. It doesn't mean that it is permanently taken.

I'm very aware of how RAM is used. I'm also aware that compared to the M8 RAM services almost stay in the 1.5 to 1.8 on my wife S5 compared to .85 to 1.2 of my M8, which goes back to my OP.

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You obviously are missing the point. Again I know exactly how RAM works. Again the M8 allows more space to allow more running resources. Yes RAM is allocated to run services, but the M8 still allows more availability. I have way way more widgets apps and background resources being used than my wife. Sense is way lighter than touch wiz. That makes me happy
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So here is the question for you.

I have a game that takes 1GB of RAM to be used. My S5 has 1.8 GB of RAM reserved and the M8 has 1.2GB of RAM reserved. Which phone will run the Game?

Yes it is a trick question because they BOTH will. Addressed RAM is not equal to RAM in use. TW will free up whatever RAM is needed to run the APP (outside what is used by the CORE OS). It will get rid of anything that is not in use.

The only aspect that Sense is "lighter" is in the way it takes up storage space, and hands down Sense wins.

RAM does not factor in all that much. If you want to put it another way, Sense wastes more RAM than TW does. It is bad to waste things.....

NoNexus...I love ya man, but what he's saying is that either phone will eventually run out of resources....they will until cleared out or restarted...and that with the M8, he can squeeze out a few more widgets or open apps before it has to start "managing" resources.

I get that but I also do not think that we are at a point in the mobile world where 2gb is not enough. I honestly do not know, but I am guessing that the most labor intensive app does not use a half gb of ram..

As of right now we have enough. Tomorrow, not so much. We should be good for two years though

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What you forgot to mention is.. there is a slight delay while the RAM is being freed up as opposed to it already being available... perhaps that's what that commenter was referring too... the slight delay that.. when done constantly... gives the appearance of a slow and laggy UI.

Think the flat one will do me not bothered about curved until it's actually useful! Yes they seem to be knocking out as many as possible hoping they get another hit.

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

Ahhhhhhhh sooooo excited!!! Show me some leaks! I want Google Glass, but I'm not sure I'd buy that type of tech from anyone else. Who knows tho, maybe Samsung will do it right at a good price.

I just hate they make all their product proprietary only to Samsung products. And it probably will be running Tizen. I'm hoping that Google is using Google Glass as a starting platform to release it as software like they are doing Google Wear. That would be more enticing.

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Ooo never thought of Google doing that. That'd be great.

And yeah, I'm not so sure my next phone will be Samsung. I've been wanting the Note 4 (from the Note 2) for a while, but if the G Flex 2 is any good, I'll probably go for that, especially if the Note 4 doesn't bump it up to a 6" screen.

That is an interesting idea. And it would fit in nicely with the way Google tends to do things. I'm even more excited for "real" Glass devices to hit the market, now :)

From what I seen in the leaked specs if they are true this will be a monster. I'm not sure how in feel about the curved screen so I'm be looking for the flat one myself

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The curve could be around the edges, YOUM...

THe picture above is not referenced in the source and is the galaxy round.

Exactly youll get info on side if cover is closed. the image you are referring to is what i hope it will look like when comes out

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I am thinking the edges will light up for stuff when the screen is off like dynamic notifications as well

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LOL, that is a clever way to point out that a curved screen would indeed defeat the purpose of a note taking device that is meant to mimic conventional paper surface.

I liked Samsung phones at one time, but their hidden agenda behind KNOX really pushed me away from them (marketed for security, but used to enforce warranties on the software level). That and they deliberately hide language options that are built into Android by default. They still exist, they just hide them and only show a few options - heaven forbid someone would want to use a language other than English, French, Spanish, or Korean (I think they also had Chinese, but I don't remember).

Hidden agenda behind Knox? I think they were pretty upfront with their agenda: they want corporate adoption of their Android devices so that they can make a butt-ton more money. It really doesn't affect anything when it comes to flashing ROM's other than the fact that, if you trip the Knox "flag" it's impossible to flip it back. From what I'm hearing from people, it hasn't even been an issue getting warranty replacements, though.

curved tvs, curved phones, what a waste of time! Unless you have a 100" screen you are not going to feel more immersed b.c of the curve.

The idea they gave for the Round (which is what's pictured above) had more to do with making it easier to reach the whole screen, and the glare is practically zero. I don't recall them touting the Round as being more immersive. The TV's are a different story, but I've never seen one of those in person, so I can't really comment either way.

No, pointless curved screen. That was going to be an upgrade for my wife. I doubt she'll want it now. Hopefully that ends up being a Korean exclusive and the US isn't a niche market.

Did you not read that it said a curved version and a flat version? So if you don't want a curved Note 4, get the flat Note 4.

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They will prolly only sell the curved version in Korea - like a lot of other "special versions" that never leave the country.

One thing that nobody can deny about Samsung is that they come to play ...they will throw anything and everything out there. Some good, some not. I think it's great for tech and innovation.

Apple changed the mobile space because they weren't afraid to throw something out there, even when all the other manufacturers were afraid to do it, and look how that turned out. Samsung seems to very much subscribe to the idea "if you build it, they will come." If they think a device will sell enough units to turn a profit, they'll build it. I don't get why people "hate" on them for that.

Apple was simply in the right place at the right time. The ideas and concepts had been around for ages. The nice thing with Samsung is that they somewhat conform to user input where as Apple and Microsoft do not. Samsung has the tech to conform to user demand which is great for us though.

I honestly think that Apple looked at BlackBerry and how addictive it was to corporate users. Then they looked at the other 5.5 billion of us and thought $$$$. Nothing wrong with that. They were right.

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Agreed. The smart phone was not new, and nothing they did with the iPhone was new tech. Just none of the other OEM's thought the public would go for it. Apple did it anyway, and it paid off. Regardless of which camp you're in, I'm glad they did it.

They also definitely listen to consumers! They make changes and usually fairly fast. That's more than a lot of companies can say, especially with the kind of $ Samsung has!

Samsung has one goal: making more money than God. And their plan to do that is to make a phone for *everybody*. Whatever anybody wants, they want to make a phone for that. Luckily, Sammy has the money and facilities to do that.

Because... a rumor that someone, somewhere in the world might have a curved model that you don't like means that you're suddenly disinterested? Nice try.

Meh, each year there are outlandish rumors/hyperbeasting about the Galaxy series is repeated so much that people end up taking them as fact. Then a minor refresh is announced and people hate it.

Cory you are so correct. I blame tech bloggers and websites (including AC) for much of the disappointment people have when a device is launched, and it's not what people imagined.

Many of the writers take no responsibility for their careless reporting and often the OEM gets the blame and has to go into damage control to squash all the unreasonable expectations that were put forth. It's a rare day when any of these websites or individual writers come back and apologize for their carelessness and whipping up a frenzy in folks.

Unless it's official I encourage people to stop listening to rumors, and basing your opinion about a device that hs not been officially made available.

It depends on how they use the curve. If they curve the screen around the front corners, but leave the front mostly flat, I could see uses for it. Scrolling notifications, stocks, etc on the sides. Hopefully it'll be a useful curve instead of curving the display just because.

Is there something lost in the translation? I take it this Korean is quoted as saying that in his language.

Could the curve be referring to the wraparound screen rumors we have been hearing of? That' s the one where the touch screen goes right to the edge and curves down such that physical buttons on the side such as volume up/down slider can be made virtual.


It is a little misleading with that picture in the article. The source does say that there is a rounded screen, it does not say *which way* the screen is rounded. The picture that you have above is the Galaxy Round (I didn't know that at first, I thought you got that from the source) and is a bit misleading.

Had me worried there. YOUM is more likely....Hopefully...Please?

Curved screen? I don't really get what all the hype is about? Surely this is just a bit of a gimmick to try and get away from the fact the speculations surrounding the Note $ make it seem like there isn't much of a change! Sure there is a heavy duty processor but LG have beat Samsung to the punch with the high rez screen. If you don't see what I'm talking about just check out this comparison of speculations concerning the new model next to its predecessor Same old, same old mostly!?

First, it does not say which way the screen is curved. If it is like the round, then yeah it is a waste. If it is YOUM then no it is not a waste at all. Nor a Gimmick.

Screen, so what? That is like the "first comments" on posts, pointless who got there first, especially if you do not have a processor to actually run it right (and the jury is still out on that with the LG G3)

Finally, and this is where everything goes to pot for you, is that link. Really? Amazon has 7 of them in stock even though it nowhere near announcement let alone release? Kinda doubt it. I also love the pricing structure. The Note 4 is going to be $200 less than the Note 3? Sign me up. Whoever made that is going on rumors and rumors can be wrong. Even if those rumored specs are right, every aspect is significantly improved.

Kinda sounds like your either trolling a bit or just ignorant to what actual improvement is. Your use of the $ instead of 4 tells me it is the former...

I'm way more excited about the 3 sided display than I am about this curved idea. Talk about bulk in your pocket.
Here is what everyone wants :
Top end processor. Period.
3 sided display
2K resolution screen
20MP rear camera
5MP front camera
Integration of stylus with non Samsung apps
Improved battery
Water resistance. Very important

"Integration of stylus with non Samsung apps"

What does that even mean? Does your stylus not work with all apps? Because, if it doesn't, you need to take your phone back for a warranty replacement. If you're just referring to some additional features that you wish apps had with the stylus, that's something you need to take up with the app developer, not Samsung. They can't actually *do* anything with regards to third party apps besides make the hardware work with it (which it does).

If I've missed the point entirely, please feel free to explain it to me.

There are a million examples
For example, it would be great if I coould edit the app choices in "pen window with any app in my phone. Right now there is afew preditermined apps we pack pick from.

Also, it would be cool if it would let me pick a default image editing program that comes up after you take a screen shot.

Also, it would be great if I could use my pen to open up another note taking program of mu choice other than action memo.Who uses action memo?It sucks.

Customization of stylus related apps and features. I'm with you now. All valid points. I've actually disabled the circle menu, neat of an idea that it is, just because I don't use any of the apps on it.

Hmmmm perhaps Samsung will be the price point breaker that propels Glass devices into popularity. Google's $1,500 price point for glass is a huge barrier to many who might otherwise enjoy the device.

Google doesn't want Glass in everyone's hands just yet. They're still very much a prototype. If the average Joe/Jill got their hands on one, they would likely be unhappy it and and Glass would be dead on the vine. I think Google has taken the right track with Glass (for the most part) so far, and I'm still hopeful we will see "real" devices by the end of the year.

Dont ruin the Note with a curved screen. Stylus needs to stay. I have owned the last 2 notes and love them. Would love to see the 3 sided version!

Gahh. No! Round or same old same old? Wtf? What happened to the 3 sided display? Im due for an upgrade but same phone updated specs is so disappointing. So bummed!

The Note 3 wasn't drastically different than the Note 2. Neither was the 2 drastically different from the original Note. At some point, you hit the limits of technology in hardware. I'm sure Sammy will have *something* more for the Note 4 that the Note 3 has, even if it's not a 3 sided screen. Most devices are incremental updates from the previous version.

That said, don't right off the Note 4 before we know anything more about it than vague rumors.

This is the point. We have hit a wall and really its form factor has stalled. We have the technology for bendy screens/batteries and bendable plastics have been around for 50 years. The technology is there and I think we are close to seeing a folding phone. I saw recently Sammy placed a patent for a folding tablet/smartphone possibly due for 2015. I am just sick of the incremental bs. At some point it will have to change and was/still am holding out hope it will be for the Note 4. The note 2 is just bogged down right now. Im not going to write it off but this same old internal upgrade in the same box has reached its boiling point for consumers.

The screen and the battery might be able to bend, but there are a lot of other things inside a cell phone that won't. Yes, there is new technology out there, but that doesn't mean that it's ready for use in commercial products yet. Their are a lot of things that have to be considered, such as production speed and yield, longevity, and cost before a technology is ready for the mainstream. And you say "customers are ready to boil over" but you forget that those of us on sites like this represent a very small minority if the Android user base. There is always some amount of risk when you deviate too far from what people expect with the form factor. Incremental isn't always a bad thing, even if it frustrates you. Mobile technology has been increasing at a staggering pace the past few years, and we have now reached a point where the handheld device I'm typing this on has more processing power than my full-sized laptop I bought just a few years ago. I know we all want the next new cell phone to be ZOMG! but you can't force it before the technology is ready, or you just end up with a huge disappointment. Sometimes you have to be patient.

I know how manufacturing works. Im in sales/engineering for a global manufacturing company. With that said I have been very patient. Phones other than screen size havent changed much in 7-8 years (I am correlating smartphones with the beginning of the iphone which revolutionized the term smartphone. 7 years is a long time in tech world, we have had screens and functionality go up but really all its been is speed/memory/camera upgrades in essentially the same design. The first analog cell phone system debuted in 1983 in the US. Roughly 31 years ago. We have gone from those big honking Zack Morris Cell phones to smart phones (debuted with touch screen in 1993) to current form smart phones in 2007. So in the 31 years that cellular phone service has been around we have spend 23% of that time, roughly 1/4 of that time in our current smartphone form. Technology advances are exponential and manufacturing should mimic that though delayed. Its been FAR TOO LONG with the current form of cell phones and im tired of waiting. I think most folks are too. They are tired of paying $100s of dollars for essentially a small incremental upgrade from year to year. Im not being unrealistic when I say the other technology is there. I have a PHD friend who etches flexible circuits. Hes been doing this for a while now. Trust me its there. You dont have to be able to make 100 million advanced smartphones for it to be productionally viable OR profitable. Theres a reason apple is as big as they are now and its all because of what they did 7 years ago. Im done with current designs. I want something different. Note 4 will be my last until it happens.

Man, this aint nothing but the next galaxy curve. They're trying to slap a "Note" tag on it to make an unpopular device start selling.

"...Samsung is also reported to be bringing their Google Glass competitor Gear Glass (oh, we hope that creative name is just a placeholder)..."

Right, and Google Glass is SUCH a great name...

Coming soon, from the makers of Google Glass...Google Toilet Paper.

Look, if I say I have a Note 3, everyone knows it is a Samsung phone.
If I say I have Glass it sounds no different than glass (as in a glass) and
similar to glasses, so who knows what the F I have. It could be all of them
or some combination. The point being, if you have to slap your company
name in front of something to distinguish it as your product, that is rather sad.

I see no problem with Gear Glass. We know what the Glass is, and we know
who makes Gear products.

Samsung will probably come out with minimal upgrades that barely make a difference from previous generation of Notes. That's how lazy Samsung rolls.