Galaxy Tab contest

Samsung is going all-out to promote the Galaxy Tab as it hits the major U.S. carriers, and they have announced a new contest via YouTube that will hand out 100 of the 7-inch tablets at the end of the month. All you need to do to enter is record a video of yourself talking about what freedom means to you and submit it to them via their official YouTube page. The winners will be chosen on Nov. 29. We can't help but wonder what current events inspired the contest. Check it out after the break.



Reader comments

Samsung giving away 100 Galaxy Tabs in 'Feel Free' contest


You know what? F IT! . . .I'm doing the video! . . . I was going to come complain about how I never win anything on websites but I guess I have to actually try harder than putting a post on AC Forums lol. . . Why not right?. . .



anyone else see the irony of the contest? Record a video of what freedom means to you to win a device that you will have to pay to use. (cellular data plan)



Device will function just fine over wifi (or without wifi or data). Now if you sign a contract to get said device cheaper... well, that's your own choice If you want to get internet on the go, you'll have to pay, sure. But until someone invents, markets, and gets people to adopt "totally free internet" that's just how it works.