Sprint HTC Evo 4G video

Go ahead and watch this video (after the break) of the Sprint HTC Evo 4G, but know this: The phone is not quite as short or as fat as it appears in this clip. Sadly, the same can't be said for some of us around here. [Youtube] Thanks, jxc!


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New Sprint Evo 4G video squeezes, teases


So who was the moron (at Sprint, at HTC or at the ad agency) that decided it would be a good idea to shrink the phone down into a short, fat stubby version of the real phone? Sorta defies logic, doesn't it? Wouldn't you want the best phone yet to shine in all of its glory? One of my biggest pet peeves is when images are improperly stretched or shrunk out of proportion - so BINGO, this one hits the nail right on the head.

Lol. This is not done by HTC or Sprint. Just some amatures that are enthusiastic about the EVO. The video does make the phone look stubby and undesirable. Well once the release date is announced I hope to see a vigorous ad campaign by Sprint. And I hope it is as effective, if not more effective then the Droid ads that Verizon did.

This is a variation on an ad they have had up for a while. All of their videos have had scaling issues. Their video producer sucks ass as transcoding.

So it looks like the folks at Modernista did eventually find work after Palm fired them as their ad agency.

On a more serious note, how amateur is this? This has to be a fan-made video right? The only person that's worse than the guys that made this commercial are the guys that green-lighted it. Insta-fired!

Sprint does the worst advertising ever.

I thought this was fan made as well. Oh well I don't care how many they sell, apparently they don't either, I'm getting one.

i just noticed that when Phil posted the article, but he is right, it seems fat and short, but you can tell this isnt a tv commercial, its just for youtube....sprint better but out quality ads like the video that htc did for the EVO, now this is ready to go up on TV right now


Does anybody know if the EVO will be considered a world phone with GSM capability in it for international roaming?

I have a friend in the graphic design field and when he was in school, he did some mock up work for different products and organizations. That would be my guess here.

I saw this video on youtube WEEKS ago. I thought it was just fan-made since it looks so...bad. Is this actually for real?

the first video is really bad...phone looks short and fat. the second video came out a lot better. i can't wait to get this phone.