Friendcaster for Facebook

For all you Facebook fans out there not overly pleased with Facebook for Android, Friendcaster for Facebook has always been a great alternative. The latest update pushes the release to v5.0 and brings some pretty nice changes along for the ride. Real-time notifications, new themes to choose from, a new check-in interface along with some Android 4.0 enhancements and memory improvements make it all a worthwhile update from OneLouder Apps. The update is available now in the Google Play Store where you'll also find the full change log. Jump on past the break for the download link.


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Friendcaster for Facebook updated with refreshed UI, themes and realtime notifications


Well apparently nobody cares about this update. :-) I used FriendCaster for awhile, until they started having login issues.

still has the same issues friendcaster always had. For some reason certain people's pics and posts don't load but if you go to the regular facebook app or the website it shows up just fine.

Plus the update crashes a lot. It's still buggy. Hope they are worked out soon but I really hope the first issueis finally resolved.

It was because of missing updates from friends that I went back to the regular app. I had the same problem with Seesmic which is why I tried Friendcaster. I think the missing updates has something to do with the API/stream provided by Facebook. Friendcaster's website said that my friends would have to change their settings in order for me to see their posts. While I prefer the look and interface of Friendcaster, until Facebook fixes things, I guess I'm stuck with their app.

Yes the reason why some of your friends stuff iss missing is they b blocking 3rd party apps. Its not friendcasters or seesmic fault

Exactly Facebook put this limitation in. Ask your certain friends to unblock 3rd party and friendcaster works perfectly fine. I think this app is much better than face books personally and really like this new update.

For the life me, I do not understand anyone's issues with Friendcaster. I have used it since before it became Friendcaster and I have not experienced any of the issues people complain of. Matter of fact, when it first came on the scene, I have not had the regular Facebook app on any phone I have had since.

Now, as for this update, it is FANTASTIC. Much cleaner looking, stylish, FINALLY, true real time notifications and they work like a charm. Friendcaster, HANDS DOWN, destroys the Facebook app in every way for me. The regular Facebook app, for me was so beyong buggy that it was unusable. Never loaded pages, never would post a comment from me, half my friends list missing. That is just to name a few.

Friendcaster is the only Facebook app I will be using because it just works!

Is everyone using the free or paid version? I too a quick look at the update yesterday and it's pretty good -- except for the free version which baited me into clicking an add that looked like a notification. lol

Since I'm not a Facebook power user I'll probably stay with the free unless otherwise warranted.

I use the paid version, I couldn't stand the ads but I liked the app a lot better than facebooks. I spent alot of time with onelouders support and they were great and helped me figure out why certain peoples posts would not show and things like that. I've been using their apps ever since and find they are all pretty good quality, the only one I don't use is bacon reader but I never got into Reddit.

I started using Friendcaster since it was Flow. How ever I was using the official Facebook app for the past 2 or 3 months because of their UI improvements and notification improvements (thats all gone to hell in a hand basket). Friendcaster just seemed to die off with real-time/push notifications and functionality.
I heard about their new release and decided to give it a go again. Absolutely beautiful UI design! The notifications are back (push/real time)! How ever, there are a few bugs that hopefully get tweaked out. For some reason I get birthday notifications even though I have that unchecked in the options. Also, I get notified every time someone likes a photo or post I put up (very annoying). It never used to do that before on Friendcaster or the official app.

Here's something vital and crucial to their app: MESSAGES. Doesn't work for S**T! It looks nice but what's the point if it doesn't send your message and just sits with a loading icon circle that just spins and doesn't send your message off?

My 2 cents.

4/5 stars.

About message issues: A-dang-men! I don't get it. I used the message function for the first time yesterday. It worked fine all day. Then I tried to respond to a friend's message last evening and BAM! "Loading"....."Loading"......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I don't get it. If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know.

This article prompted me to try Friendcaster for the first time. I'm impressed. I especially like that it remember where I am in the news feed even when I leave that app and even when I hit refresh. BOSS!