Motorola Droid Bionic commercial

We gave you your first look at the official Verizon commercial for the Motorola Droid Bionic earlier this week, and now it's back in even better quality, thanks to our pals at Droid-Life. It's exactly the same violent commercial we gave you, only even creepier with the singing and what not.

Take a look after the break, at least until it gets TOS'd, too.

Source: Droid-Life


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Droid Bionic's 'Rule All Machines' commericial returns, looks even better


It's a teaser all it is supposed to do is get you wondering what the phone will be like and get you wanting to know more.

The problem is that they never mention the Bionic is a phone. If I am an average consumer this means nothing to me, because I have no idea what the Bionic is. It's just some women fighting robots.

Motorola and/or Verizon needs to fire their PR firms. They have the worst commercials for getting information out to the average consumer about what their products actually do.

Lol nothing to do with the phone. I'd rather see something that includes the phone, not fighting a few robots. That's cool, but if I was a normal consumer I'd just be like "I don't know what the hell a Droid Bionic is, so I guess I won't buy one." Anyways...still cool to be seeing something going on in the world of Verizon and Motorola.
Also, could they have gotten a more attractive lady? Seriously, come on.

What the hell is wrong with you people? No imagination, no creativity? This has been an on-going theme with Verizon and Droid for two freakin' years. The public knows damn well what a Droid is and they really dig these movie-like commercials. They know what a Droid is soooo well that some people call any Android phone a droid.

This commercial will be a hit. And you guys need to learn how not to be the IT guys nobody in the office wants to ask for the SNL guy. LOL

I can understand we're all hungry for information but this is obviously meant to be a teaser and teasers typically don't divulge a lot of info or any info at all for that matter.

Their sole purpose is just to get the general public pulled in. We're all passed this stage because we know about the phone and have followed it for a year.

Remember, Moto and VZW don't just advertise to active enthusiasts like us, they need to meet a whole market of people to be successful.

It is true that they are trying to pull in the general public, but I don't think the way to do it is show some lady cutting a robot's head off. In fact, that only implies that the Bionic can turn into a light saber (which would be awesome). They need to show why this phone is worth $300 and all the amazing things it can do and how seamlessly it can do them. Maybe "connecting with friends has never been easier or faster" style. Hopefully they change the scheme a little.

Seriously... and, at the $300 price point one assumes they are not marketing to the teen demographic. This couldn't be any more off target. Who's the ad agency who got pain for this crap?

Would someone please explain why the hell anyone is fascinated with this phone? There are so many better phones... They should have launched this phone last holiday season. Then its specs might have meant something. Now, it's just an also-ran. Whatever.

I'll take a stab at this:

It's the fastest and most powerful phone with Verizon 4G LTE. All those 'better' phones are not on Verizon or don't have Verizon's 4G network or are rumored and not released yet.

I think that covers everything.

Thank you, and let's not forget that this is THE ONLY dual-core phone on the nation's fastest and most widely covered 4G LTE network. Neither of the "other" phones can boast the same. They are dual-core and only a paltry 3G lol :).

Yeah the "other" phones are forthcoming but when?!?! Until then, the Bionic will be the flagship.

I'm going to receive some hate and 1-stars for this, but if there was ever anything the Moto and VZW should infringe upon from Apple, it's the ability to market. I remember the first Droid commercials that aired, those made sense, these do not.

Its a play on the power of the bionic she has the power so she kicks that other machines @$$ so she is the ruler of all machines ... I understand it doesn't show a phone but it shows power and fighting in CGI so this commercial makes some sense to me I guess I mean at this point with old spice sonic and the rest of the commercials the less sense you make the better the commercial it seems so this is apparently on point in today's society

Good to see so many fanboys on here can't read. It is a teaser it isn't meant to show much info about the phone. Maybe read instead of just click on the video's. SMH

I may be alone, but I am just not feeling these dark ads. If I weren't into the technology, I can't say these ads would pull me in.

I wish the phone would just come out already so we don't have to see anymore stupid shit like this. Verizons advertising is so ridiculous.

I think you're all missing the point...I can't *wait* to get a phone that will cut a battle robot's head off.

I think this is a great teaser for the Bionic. If I wasn't already psyched for this phone, I would be now, and I would be dying to know what the whole "rule all machines" is about.
To the people who are saying that there isn't enough info here about the phone, I'm not gonna explain the whole point of a teaser, but I'm sure once you get you advertising firm up and running, moto and verizon will absolutely love whatever ideas you come up with.