Bell customers waiting for the Galaxy Tab may not have to wait much longer. According to the information posted on The Source website it's expected to ship on Nov. 16 and the pricing has been set at $649.95. If the pricing here is accurate, that puts Bell just a little bit lower than the Rogers outright pricing which has been suggested to be $674.99 but as always, prices are subject to change so don't be surprised if it happens. [MobileSyrup via The Source]


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Bell Samsung Galaxy Tab priced at $649.95 and shipping Nov. 16?!?


if this thing is gonna cost that much I'll just wait for the viewsonic tab or the soon to be dubbed vaporware notion ink adam.

I lost interest in the TAB when Google Said 2.2 wasn't meant for Tablets and Everyone Knows HoneyComb is right around the Corner..... ANYWAYYYY

Way too much for such a niche product that doesn't really fill any needed gap in ones life. Hell, for that price you can get a laptop or a tablet pc.