"How do I take a screenshot?" is a popular question from Android users. It's also not as easy as it should be, usually either requiring root access to the phone, or the Android SDK. Luckily, our very own Jerry Hildenbrand has written a detailed, step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to do it.  Enjoy!

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Taking screenshots


more props for the samus aran wallpaper...also, it is quite sad that you can't take screenshots without root on android. i believe you can take them by default in iOS, then again, i can't remember when i didn't have my ipod touch jailbroken so i may be mistaken.

Just another reason to root your phone and get the app ShootMe, which works great btw.

If you can go through the hassle of all those freakin' steps you certainly can easily root your phone with unrevoked 3.1 (if your phone is supported). :)

wow i tried doing this and just cant get it to work.

i downloaded the sdk, then unzipped it. then i get a pop up to download a bunch of folders so i download them all. then i try ti install the drivers and it cant find them i had it look i the sdk folder manually including all folders and if doesnt find any drivers. so its a fail on my side any ideas anyone?

found that the "drocap" application from the android market is excellent in taking screen shots. You have to learn to use it in the different mode that trigger the full screen capture but once you do i think most will be satisfied with the results....

WOW! That's a lot of steps for just a screenshot. Just switched to Android from a Palm Pre and obtaining them there was a breeze. Hopefully a simpler method is added in a next update. Or, has one been added recently?