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With the Amazon event now mostly wrapped up and Amazon having setup all their preorder pages, some unannounced information about the devices has now come up. Unlike previous Kindle models, which offered a cheaper version for the inclusion of ads, Amazon has now decided that with the new Kindle Fire line it'll no longer be optional.

Yes, all new versions of the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD will have ads and sponsored screensavers built into them as now is noted on the Amazon website and there is no option to opt out of them. For some, it's not a huge deal but for others it could sway them to another device.  Do you all care about the ads? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Amazon; via: The Verge

Pre-order: New Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7-inch, Kindle Fire 8.9-inch and 8.9-inch 4G LTE


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All new Kindle Fire versions will make use of ads on the lockscreen


Yup, not interested in Kindle. I love Amazon, but they can keep their ads along w/their Kindles. Glad I bought a Nook instead, the ereader not the tablet.

I stare at my lockscreen for hours on end. When not staring at my lock screen, I'm usually fixated on the lower left of my screen. That is, unless I'm changing my wallpaper and theme to something really super kewl...

Not the point that it is only on the lock screen. It's just another useless service that is running in the background downloading data. They should price it like their other readers, discounted for the ad enabled ones and higher priced for non-ads.

Why would anyone want to be locked into a single eco-system is beyond me. I have a Nexus 7 and I can get books from Aldiko, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and a ton of other places. I can also get movies from Amazon Instant, Netflix, Google play and many other stores, same for apps & magazines.

So what exactly is the incentive to buy a device that will only allow purchases through Amazon and displays ads on the lock screen at the same price or higher then other Android Tablets that do much more? Before anyone jumps in with rooting, I am talking about the average consumer who knows nothing about rooting or even what it is.

I know about 15 people who purchased a Kindle Fire when it came out. Within a few months of using it, about 10 of them sold theirs and got a regular Android tablet. The problem? Books that were not available on Kindle were available on the Nook but they could not get thise Nook books on the Kindle or if the book was available from both merchants, the price was either higher on Amazon than B&N or the opposite. They dumped the fire, got a Nexus 7 or Samsung Tab and now get books from any ebook seller and they can freely shop based on who has the best price or is running a enterprise at it finest.

I use a screen unlock app, so screen lock is always turned off on my tablet and phone both. But, any tablet or phone that has mandatory advertising - it'll never be in my bag of toys. If I can't opt out of the advertising, then it doesn't find a home with me.

this is prob fine for us over here on AC. But the millions of other users that are, going to or may purchase don't have a clue what the f&ck root means.... i think everyone is just tired of the good old "just root" comment.

I am surely tired of the "Just Root" comment. It's pissing me off. Not everyone wants to root every fu&king thing.

The person was talking to people on the Android Central website, not everyone in the entire world who might buy a Kindle. And whether you like it or not, rooting IS the answer to this problem.

Actually millions of people root their Android devices...A few months ago, Cyanogen reached 2 million downloads...and that is just one ROM developer. And that doesn't include the many more who root their device and don't install a custom ROM.

Actually it's not... It's like saying you buy a car, but the only way to make it run properly is to use aftermarket parts etc.

Hardly anyone roots their device. You say Cyanogenmod just reached two million downloads. You realize there are over 400 million Android devices right? And how many times did the same people download cyanogenmod over and over?

The majority of people are still running Android 2.3

There is a difference between an android fan site, internet forums and the public. This is why Amazon hid this mandatory ad-nonsense in the fine print. Wait till the public actually gets wind of this. FORCEFUL advertisements on products. Would you buy a television that showed commercials even if you weren't watching channels?

Exactly! Thank you. Imagine buying a new car and ever time you drive past a different store in that new car (you paid for), it cuts your radio out with ads telling you all about their 2 for 1 deal on bananas..

Actually, it's more like a car manufacturer putting relatively unobtrusive ads all over their car, so that other people can see what kind of car it is. Like a small logo on the hood, maybe a badge on the side, another logo smack in the middle of the steering wheel, one on the deck lid, maybe on the wheel centercaps... oh wait, they already do that... those bastards!

There already way too many advertisements on most pages. You have to be a total stupid fuck to buy this shit.. I cant believe people would actually pay for something like this.

I would rather pay a little bit more and not get the ads. For example, I'll spend the extra $20 to get the ad free version of the Kindle Paperwhite.

Meh, I barely notice the ones on our regular kindle, and the one time I did I got a deal on coffee. It is in exchange for super cheap hardware folks! I'd prefer they have two versions but really, they aren't nearly as annoying as YouTube or Pandora ads.

But it isn't super cheap! $499 for the LTE Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch and I'm supposed to put up with ads on it? No thank you. I don't currently have a Kindle device, and now I likely never will. I'm not into ads in my notification area on my android devices and will nuke any app that puts them there. So, there's absolutely no way I'd give amazon $200+ for a device that's going to spam me with advertising of any kind -- I don't care how un-obtrusive it claims to be. If I were looking for a 7 inch tablet, I'd go for the Nexus 7 over the Fire. If I want LTE/mobile data, there are plenty of other options out there that allow me to control how much advertising I see on my device. Sorry, Amazon, but I don't think so.

Oh please, you weren't going to buy the $500 Kindle Fire HD anyway, even if it is spec'ed as well as any $700 tablet out there. So no, YOU are not "supposed to put up with" anything.

If the ads are out of the way, then what's the big deal? You don't use the lock screen for anything, and the lower left corner of the homescreen is out of the way. If the ads don't show when you're reading books or playing games then complaining makes absolutely no sense...

Agreed but would still like to hear some reviews of that first before making a final decision.

So basically, you pay for your device that will be full of money making ads for Amazon. Ain't Amazon making enough money by selling the devices to you? If I was a Kindle user, that would be one reason I wouldn't buy it, that's just taking the piss, regardless of whether the ad bothers you. really think amazon makes their money off selling the devices themselves? they make money by people buying books, magazines, apps, and video.

So to say, don't they make enough already. Being greedy and generating more by advertising on their consumers "bought" devices? Their greed will be their demise, that I assure you.

Just another way to shove more ads down your throat.... these things are like portable billboards now............ wtf a-holes.

Here's an option for you - instead of cursing at people, JUST DON'T BUY IT. Problem solved. Nobody is shoving anything down your throat, for cripe's sake.

The article asked him to sound off in the comments.. Did you put your own blood sweat and tears into this thing and you are taking it personally now? Or is your last name Hitler and you just don't want people to have opinions that aren't yours? Maybe you should find a Chinese forum...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the bandwidth being used. I'd hate to be a Verizon user with 1.99gb on my data plan and an ad downloaded for the lockscreen caused me to go over.

Even though you can monitor your bandwidth to prevent such a thing happening. How much total bandwidth is being used for the ads within a full month?

+1 and the bandwith.... now with all these companies going with the cheapskate teired data plans.. charging more money for less. Brilliant!!

The people who don't care will enjoy their device and probably the deals and the people who care will root their device and disable the whole ads subsystem...

its $199 - $499. Thats not to low. Its kinda spot on with every other tablet out there. The nexus7 is $199 (ad free)

Hey Anthony, try comparing apples to apples.. the ad-free Nexus 7 that is similarly priced to the $199 Kindle Fire HD has only 8GB vs. 16 for the Kindle device. The 16 GB Nexus 7 is $250. Actually specs-wise the $199 Kindle Fire HD beats the Nexus 7 at either price point. Doesn't mean it's the right tablet for everyone, because software plays a big part, but quit pretending that the tablets competing with the Fire at the same price points are all essentially the same, specs-wise. They are not. Ads clearly allow you to get a better spec'ed tablet at the same or better price than you would otherwise.

I am comparing apples to apples... It dosent matter on specs, or screen size, or cores, or resolution, physical or touch sens buttons...that argument has nothing to do with ads. There all tablets and why should I be forced to look at ads... I bought it, its mine now, im not renting it from Amazon, i'm not loaning it from Amazon, they didn't give it to me for free. If any of those were the case then i would be fine with ads, but there not.

but reviewers have already said the thing lags way behind with the heavily modded ICS and even the better specs, most say they would take the JB NExus 7 over this any day of the week. So yeah, it's a LITTLE bit better spec'd (not a lot at all), but real world performance (per Gizmodo and The Verge) say it is miles behind the Nexus 7. So, judging by the main thing that's important for a device (actually performing) Kindle Fire HD with ads is a rip...

if this was a phone that was coming out without any indication of getting jelly bean, and had such a UI skin overhaul as the kindle hd, no one would look twice at it. it would be filed in the cheap android junk bin, which is where these fires should go.

It was a fair comparison. Sure the Kindles have more storage, but they also have a heavily-customized version of Android that will surely never see any updates and has already been shown to be slower than stock version of Android on the Nexus 7. That, along with forceful ads will turn people away from Kindles. Plus the fact that Kindles do not have the Play Store. Nexus 7 does have a much better CPU for the device's intended purpose - multimedia & gaming. That one pro of Kindles (more storage) does not outweigh its cons (forced ads, heavily-customized OS, no Play Store). Knowing the specs and details on the system, there's no way in hell I'd take that Kindle HD7 over the Nexus 7. Even if I was an "average Joe" and bought the Kindle not knowing about the ads which you can not turn off, you can bet I'd be asking for my money back.

Amazon with their new Kindles running ads on the lock screen with no way to turn them off except by rooting and flashing a custom ROM - epic fail! I think Amazon might have unintentionally given Google a boost in sales for their Nexus 7's.

Because this, the previous kindle, the nook and the nexus 7 are made to drive users to buy their content.

I wonder how long it will take for someone with an LTE version to xhrw through their 250MB/month allotment in ads only?

Reasonable question. Odds are they only load the ads when you are on wi-fi, but that is something I would want to confirm if I were buying one of those.

the problem with "just rooting" (and i AM an advocate for doing this) is that yes, you can root it and install a custom rom. I did on my OG kindle fire (which sold YESTERDAY on ebay for $155!!!! LMFAO) and they run OK but i installed every rom i could possibly try and never found that one that just worked. Most of the bugs were small and really un-noticible for the most part... but why wouldnt i just give google my $200 get a nexus 7 and not have to worry about a damn thing?? for me it just doesnt make sense.

I do like the 8.9 for factor though. i think this would be a sweet spot for gaming and such. 10 IMO is just too big.

I own an ad supported Kindle Touch. The ads are not that intrusive and sometimes they are worth it for great deals from Amazon an other places. If you are signed up for Amazon Local, those deals are included in the ads as well.

Am I the only person that ignores advertising? Lockscreen & in-corner ads wouldn't bother me. Alternatively, I'd just root (using a stock ROM) & install an ad blocker.

You mean like ignoring the multitude of ads just to the right of this and every other story on this very website? No, you are not the only one.


I do not like ads on devices i own at all, but some people won't mind and the 159 one is pretty cheap but i won't buy with ads. Question is the device using app, history, and preference data to show you smart ads or are the ads random?

Never was interested in kindle fire but never purchasing one now. I actually don't root my devices. I want my products to be good out of the box. That's why I own a nexus 7 ;) . But anyway I wouldn't want to buy a product for a fair price then have ads in my face. Amazon is getting really greedy

Ah hell naw. Not happening. Sorry. I was looking at this as a christmas gift for some of the kids in my gf's family that won't be getting much else. They have to deal with adverts at every other junction, reading a book shouldn't be another.

Besides, I remember when the ads lowered the cost of the e-reader. Now this doesn't seem to factor in at all. Sorry, Nexus 7s this holiday season.

This is a fascinating article also:

I was planning on buying a Nexus 7 this month. I was initially shaken a little when I saw the Fire HD announced, but would rather not have ads, so quite happy to continue as planned.

Interesting that Amazon goes with ads to lower price. Price has never hurt Apple - look how well the iPhone has done. And comeon, do we expect the iPad mini to FIGHT on price? No. It'll just be Apple.

Considering the above article, if the user experience is sluggish... well, then, yes, the specs are impressive, but if they don't MEAN anything... what would be the perk?

I wouldn't buy it simply based on this, hopefully Amazon pays attention to consumer sentiment regarding this.

Already purchased a Nexus 7 but thought I would comment on the ads news anyway. Honestly, normally this would irritate me to no end but will say this for Amazon. They are the one company that I allow e-mail ads to be sent to me because they have put a system in place that makes sure they are only advertising to me what they know I'm interested in. I buy blu-ray movies, PS3 games and a few other mixed item purchases. As soon as I begin searching for items they know when to send me an ad and it's only when the item has been discounted. It does have an impact on the purchases I've made so in the end while I don't applaud the move I understand it and I believe it will be done in a way that helps users looking to purchase content and not serve as a distraction. If you don't want to purchase media through them then you probably don't want the device anyway.

I do not want ads on things I pay for. Would you want Microsoft to put ads on your PC's boot screen or login screen (or in the lower corner of your desktop). F' no!
Would you want Google to push ads to your notification bar every 3 hours. Hell no.
Amazon can go stuff it. Unless they're giving me a way out (i.e., letting me pay a steep discounted price for an ad-supported device with the option to pay standard price to eliminate the ads), I will never buy another Kindle.
My wife has had a Kindle 1, a Kindle 2, a Kindle 3 (keyboard) and an original Kindle Fire. We will not be purchasing another.

Wow I missed this - along with most everyone else.

Only way this make sense is if they offer a version sans adds for more. Even if nobody buys it - they should be very up front about this. Will this eat into your LTE plan? How will effect performance/battery life/data caps?

w/e for the price it's clear what these things are - they are not daily driver productivity machines they are content consumption devices and this makes the prices make a bit more sense.

However, I was interested in the Paperwhite, but if it ends up with ads too it may be just enough for me to say "nah".

Meh. The current Kindle e-readers have these same ads. Never bothered me. I even saved a few bucks here or there with their coupons. Even snagged a few free books.

As to the data drain issue a few brought up: simply turn off the wi-fi. You can turn off 4G as well. I only turn on wi-fi on my Kindle Touch when I want to upload a book. Mostly I just load them thru my PC.

Of course, I almost never use wi-fi on my N7 or Galaxy Tab either. I hook it up to get the morning weather forecast & news and that's about it.

Outstanding--that news changed my mind and I'm almost surely getting the $199 version. Still a little annoyed that it doesn't come with an A/C adapter; have to buy that for $19 extra. Oh well, I guess I can use the one from my EVO 4G.

I think the ads in locked screen is a major turn off then to ask me for money to remove them I didn't ask for them. think we need the FCC to look into this as we have on way of knowing what data they are tracking and selling about us. we live in the US where we expect our privacy. about to sell my kindle